viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Hey Wave!

Now, I already have an account, and I am sending this story. As happens with the phonetics of "Slashdot", I chose "Hey Wave!" for the phonetic symmetry within. We could say "Hey Huey!" too, by its phonetic similarity. The term "Wave" in the title make relevant the implications of Quantum Mechanics, Wave DynamicsandFluid Dynamics (see also Computational Fluid Dynamics). The sound "Wave" is that of a true "Wave" in the exhalation when spelling it. In that way we are going closer to "Kissel". Kissel equals qualia or sensation. Pixel is a piece within a photography. Kissel is all the cloud of waves around a certain sensation. Pixels are in two dimensions. Kissels are in three dimensions. The simple "clic" on your mouse, actualy produces a certain flow of sound waves all around the spatial point where finger iscliking on the mouse. They are just waves. There isn't a "linear" sound going from the mouse to your hear. There is a field of waves moving in the air and going in all directions, as the waves produced by your hands in a swiming pool. The process happens thus in three dimensions. And the complexity of the results is going with the complexity of the landscape where the waves of your clic are moving. All that complexity of a single clic, when you analyze closely what happens in the waves dimension, is actualy perceived by your mimouX multi co operative system, specialy after to think in it, and after to develop a certain "wave-awareness" on the side of the observer. The air is invisible, but not the water. I like to say that seeing the water, and its waves, is easier to understand and perceive what happens with the air waves. On the beach you have air, water and sand. In a windy day, you will see easily how the three kind of waves are entangled and working together. Another way to self-discover the waves-world is with echolocation. Any sound made by you reflects within all the ecosystem, as a sonar in three dimensions. Actually any sounds, not produced by you, reflect within ecosystem too. In that way you could practise by yourself the acoustic connectivity within the ecosystem. Maybe you could see a pixel like a rain-drop, and a kisssel (sensation) like acloud. Smoke is also a good perceptual model. In a fire, smoke goes and function as a dynamic cloud, making visible the invisible air. At the end, all that stuff, copylife, mimouX, infimonikal, mkptmk are so practical tools that cannot be approached only from a theoretical side. It is all your body what perceive, feel and acts. Here is the main diference between shamanism and western science, in the movement and activity. Shamanism is a way of knowledge based on a dynamic body, in movement, walking, actively, within ecosystem, for in this way to capt the maximum information available...Hey Wave!

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