viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Gouda Cheese Sensomics

In the Third Paragraph in Introduction, you will find a very short description of sensomics and sensometabolome. We could say "Tasteomics", if Taste and flavor are treated...Flavoromics sound nice. If some piece of cheese, or beer, or cocoa, has so rich diversity of compounds. If a small piece of Norway Forest Soil has one million of "species" of Bacteria!, Then I imagine that people is best prepared to accept, definitely, that sensosphere, or life, or Gaya, are transfinite complex dynamic systems, available by our sensorial equipment, with total independence of the ability of our "cacharrería" (derived technologies) to approach, in usual scientific terms and methods to this formidable diversity.

Taste is a very good point from where to understand general transfinite sensosphere, just because we have this experience inside us, because we are consumers, from a ecological point of view. And then, the miriad food compounds we are interchanging everyday with and within nature, or ecosystem, (1) and the miriad of smelling compounds available through a walk within a mediterranean landscape, (3) can facilitate our general approach to sensosphere, in global terms, as all that flow of sensations reaching each moment your phenomenal consciousness (8)

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