jueves, 7 de abril de 2011

Is Echolocation the Cathedrals Mistery?

Is echolocation the language of birds?
Is Unconscious our sensitives memories as how we have forgotten and didn't use them in modern technic language?
Is the Unconscious a lesser one, within people in strong contact with nature and or physical world?
Is thus measurable our Unconscious as we approach out texts looking for our "writen-consciouness"?
Written consciousness, within a ecolinguistics framework, would be all that legendary memories of natural world, encapsulated in so many memes and words.
Writen consciousness analysis are useful tools for knowing how natural are our writings, and thus our thoughts, and our actions.
Fractal reality is so manifest in your everyday life, that you can prevent to think that your own feelings and sensations are so much conditioned by our urban, homogenean surroundings.
Rebel Botany is but an example of how to watch those hidden richness, hidden life, sixter life of yours, sharing your same paths on cities, sharing your everyday experiences, sharing all the information derived from your mutual biological, and percetual, interchanges.
Rebel Botany are plants that grow "where they are not ordered to grow". They are a very kind way to developing yourself, your own shamanic powers of observation.
Observing Rebel Botany in your lives means many practical outcomes. Maybe you have your own life too much "ordered" for your own desire. Maybe you understand how free are Rebel Botany Front, just because they are not so ordered. They are surviving freely in their own circunstances. When you are aware of a member of "Rebel Botany Front", in the surroundings, maybe you decide to change your way, to approach to this member of biotic community and to eat a part of them. Many Rebel Botany is edible. In this way, your multiple intuiligent mkptmk server, is giving you: shamanic powers of observation, shamanic powers for suspending observation in 0.0 mode (no thoughts), a food, with his dizaines substances inside, vitamins, a fair of colors for your survival capacities all are useful, and you are learning gradualy from enjoying, not as a course ok?
Old churchs are fire circles, out and inside caves. Dancing DO is the best reset system for a community, as the sume up of all languages in one. All the body language and movements. All ecosystem clearly vibrating as a super subject, as a true community where echolocation networks of waves generated a high sensational diversity, informing to people about ecosystem, aas a scanner, or sonar, ...
What tunnels have that moves so much our echolocation and their scientific echoes?
Square eat the diversity of waves we enjoy in environment and not squared spaces.
Cathedrals, tunnels, or caves, are amplifiers.
You say "x" and a certain number of "x" are miraculously reproduced. The magics of echoes, is exactly of the same order of abduction, than that in a great electronic concert.
You are amazing within the "echoes" festival, because it is very strange in your life to approach to so much information.
In a big concert, more levels of sound correspond with more diversity of outcomes. More special you feel a sunset, more attention (abduction) you take enjoying it.
Originality always surprises us because we want to charge our sensitive batteries with all that novelty, because in any circumnstances, any kind of sensation, experience, qualia, meme, by neural transconnectivity, may give you the anwer to any question...
"You are a community" seems to say your enjoyed echoes...
Christian texts says: "and the blind will see". Here you have blind people, previously punished if using sonic devices, now in youtube showing that WE ARE THE BLIND.
Echolocation has many virtues as a good very good example of indigo science, without author science, with all-as-authors...
Summing up, as a global science explorer, mainly via google, we have here a struondous scientific, and biocultural revolution.
We have so many problems now that to take in all that new science will be a nice work.
Global science now is a survival work, specialy for those scientists having crossing "Alicia Looking Glass".
Our shamanic synthesis, taking together fenomenology, biosemiotics, and ecopsicology, will be easily understood by ecolinguistic...

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