viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

How to Discover Treasures by Google

I refer to science treasures, to knowledge treasures. You have one idea. You looks at google. You will have if this idea is (1) a "meme", (3) a "mimi", or (8) a "mim". How? looking how much extended they are in googlesphere...

Being myself a Science Treasure Hunter, I am a "crazy" with google, and in this way we have developed widely and wildly this science-technology of sensosphere in last years.

Maybe we can talk about three kind of "hard disk" where I was working within.

1.- Internet

3.- Sensosphere, thru walking in periurban areas in recent mornings

8.- My own historical (autoetnographic) records. A Life-span is seen in that way as a DNA helix, not lineal, but spiral, just because your memories are being reset as we connect anything observed today, with anything observed, or experienced, in our past. By analogy. We are giant in experiences. Just imagine together-and-inside-you all the people you have known along your Life-span. This is you. Scientists, according to their level of reductionism, tend to isolate them as subject from the academic life. Nietsche perspectivism is sagely recorded by David selby in his four dimension model of Global education, becoming very useful for that approach and comprehension. The four world model of Serge King, a polinesian shaman, take you towards a , similar to Selby, model, coming from shamanism and for explaining how shamans travel among diferent worlds, among diferent world visions, among diferent perspectives. Nothing esoteric here, nothing "invisible". Just you change your lenses, and you see diferently

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