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From Echolocation Paradox to Shamanism as a Dynamic-Body Based Science

An Answer to Isis Brook:

My sincere opinion is Yes!

Merleau-Ponty's Notion of "Flesh" DO has radicaly transformed my own vision of Nature, and my own vision on Science.

During last years, I experimented exhaustively within "Flesh", with the help of a "new" meme, Sensosphere, that is identical, in any sense, to Merleau-Ponty "Flesh".

"Sensosphere" meme is a greater atractor than "Flesh", by some epistemological reasons.

"Sensosphere" is etymologicaly related to a very important core of memes relating ineludively with physical, sensible world, and for that reason take us to real world, any time we pronounce any of them.

Sensing, sensualness, sense, sensitive, sensorial, sensor, sensibility,..

Of course the degree of awareness of our speech will depend on the sense, the meaning, of the word, and the degree of physical reality actualy involved in your corresponding action.

Through Google you will be amazing about the high frecuency of "abstract" sense, versus the low frecuency of "actual" sense.

Maybe in spanish the dychotomy is more visible?

Anyway, is not a new discovery that people tend to abstractification in their words, when their society and culture make exactly the same.

Sensosphere walking in high attention or awareness, in the physical, no-thinking sense, during many kilometers in early mornings, in peri-urban landscapes, during many months, show already clearly all that new science is writing about so very much.

Sensosphere is a Quantum Ocean of Waves Danzing In Front Of You any Second In Your Own Lives.

Returning now to the title of Isis Brook article.

Is not "Environment". It is actualy Ecosystem" (Ecosystemic).

Ramón Margalef, who took to ecology the diversity index from Communication Sciences, says clearly that each day he likes lesser the term "Environment".

It has been also said that "Environment" actualy is a excluding term, just because "Environment" is defined by exclusion, "Environment"is that which you are not", is your surrounding.

Also seen the opinion that it is better to speak about "Ecosystem Education" than "Environmental Education".

Well, we are very greatly surprised of the many things we can do today with internet, but not in the past.

Anyway, all that creativity for making this beautiful way for global communication, is actualy coming from Nature, Environment, Ecosystem, Gaya, or Sensosphere.

Anyway, is our attention the Aquiles Scheel.

Anyway, is Shamanism where I and many others, have learned to increase in ourselves our attention powers.

"Acechar" in Castaneda spanish word.

A beautiful book, using Galeano compilation style, had shown to me that Shamans and Scientists are only diferent "subspecies", or varieties of Human Beings.

Biologicaly they are identical as they have born to this real world.

(Excuse me in spanish only now)

"Nacemos Genios y Nos Volvemos Estúpidos ¿Y qué hay en medio? El (industrial) Sistema Educativo" Ken Robinson

We born geniuses, we change latter to stupidity; and what is there in the middle? The (industrial) Educational System. Ken Robinson

What differs clearly among scientists and shamans it is their educational system.

Scientists are valued by papers, speeches, and so on.

Shamans will be always valued by their continued inmersion in physical world, which they cross actively watching, making from active perception their physical, actual, fussion within Nature, within sensosphere.

In that way shaman is any one with drives actively within physical world.

Our Inside Shaman, or Child! will be a function of the degree in which we live aware of our physical world.

Our Fenomenological Consciousness will be a function of our activity.

Activity, Motion, Action, are the oldest development of life, and Nature.

Our societies were collapsing within a hypersymbolic field of languages that polluted our transparence within sensosphere.

You have Etymology.

You have Onomatopoia.

You have the Language of Birds.

Both first terms are mostly tangential in our educational systems.

It would seem as if we were indigenous people without any written history.

The three terms are embeded within sensosphere explaining how the quantum ocean of waves of diferent wave lenghts which you and me can enjoy today, are but the result of so many time of universe, biology, and human co evolution.

All evolution is but co evolution.

Sensosphere is single flow ecopsychology. Again happy shamanism appears beyond possitive psychology, flow psychology, multiple intelligences, ecopsychology, ecofenomenology, ecosemiotics.

In the same manner that you enjoy very much playing with water with your hands on the border of the swiming pool, not being aware of all the transfinite information within the waves game.

In the same manner Sensosphere is always flowing within you and in any direction, not causing any collapse in your sensorial devices.

Maybe the "sonar" function emerges previously in ecosystem co evolution than the "semiotic" function.

Echolocation paradox marks an end and a beginning in the incontrovertible loss of fenomenological consciousness by scientists and "cult" people.

Our flowing everyday lives show how we can copy with a transfinite combination of waves and not feel any sensorial "allergy", or brain shock.

If Shamanism is a dynamic-body science, with thousands of faculties disseminated around the history of the world, what Shamanic Science is saying us it is that to move ourselves means that we are going to take a biggest quantity, and quality of information, just we are a dynamic body crossing actively the ecosystem and aware of that.

In correspondence with that, scientists would know that thinking and writing are not enough to understand how a dynamic body learns and enjoy within sensosphere shamanic science...

No objects at all. When inmersing actively within Fleshing sensosphere you would notice that the objects are never perceived alone, just as, in the swiming pool, the waves reach many places synchronicaly, connecting in that way all "objects" within a ecosystem, becoming in that way, dynamicaly, as a continuous object. It is this easily perceptible continuity, caused by synchronicity of waves "language" what make so powerful sensosphere and shamanic science for going up from ecological crisis. You would go perceiving a sharing world, without dychotomies (among "artificial" and "natural").

In this way is easier to explain how (human) language have derived also...

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    Nice ways to learn... Maybe you would have some interest in looking about Global cientific revolution nowadays, but mainly absent from specialist vision... One crude example is human echolocation, a recent discovery not from scientists, but from Blind people and associations, whih develops practical corses, and in the meanwhile, scientists still doubt of this natural human sensorial power. We cover all sensorial diversity in "sensomics", a new science for a very old human technology...http://simbiodiversidad.blogspot.com/2011/04/sensomics-new-science-for-unlearning.html http://globalcienciaglobal.blogspot.com/2011/04/from-echolocation-paradox-to-shamanism.html


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