viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Sensomics: The Science-and-Technology of Sensosphere

Sensómica: La Ciencia-y-Tecnología de la Sensosfera

We say science-and-technology because we, our body, is always informing itself, and acting and or sensing. If sensing processes are active processes, they are active actions, dynamic activities, mainly if you are aware of your own sensorial inputs.

mimouX multi co operative system, based in the transconnectivity offered by the Merleau-Ponty's Notion of "Flesh", translated by us as "Sensosphere" or "The World of Sensations We Live Within", shape you thus as an-active-scientist-and-technologist within your own everyday life. Going in that way out of usual, more specific, esoteric in the next link.

Look at the results of recent search about these two memes (sensomics and sensómica). As these memes are so invisible, we choose to call them: "mimis". If they are absent of "googlesphere", we call them: "mims". Here again you have an example of infimonikal system: 1.- meme, 3.- mimi, 8.- mim

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Notice the highest cloning index of our findings, just as if sense only would affect to flavor. Sensomics is the science and technology to copy with the world of sensations, within the free perspective you could freely choose...

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