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Descentralizing the Brain

"The Magics of Brain Solipsism" (as in this link!!!)

In support of Andy Clark & David J Chalmers' "The Extended Mind" and "Supersizing the Mind"

el cerebro está encerebrado,
quién lo descerebrará,
el descerebrador que lo descerebre,
buen descerebrador será

Among the big revolutions in science today, we have the epistemological process of descentralizing the Brain. We are passing from the brain as a close system towards the brain as a open system.

Intelectual brain is a brain reduced to the left brain.

The brain is a open system with inputs and outputs. The basic input of brain is sensation. Sensation feed brain function adding information from the body and ecosystem. Brain thus is an open system in continual connection with the body and the ecosystem.

Brain solipsists are thus intellectual scientists which use mainly his/her left brain to ellucidate the functions of the brain as if it were a close system. In that way brain looks in this reductionistic sense, as the director of human actions, but in total independence of the high sensational input feeding it.

In that way, brain have taken the epistemological function of the SOUL, as a inmaterial part of our body, which would be independent of the body and ecosystem. In that way body is still considered as a "impure body, and thus not participating in the function of the brain, but only as a server submitted to the decisions of the brain.

Body and ecosystem appears, thus, for brain solipsists, as passive agents, disconnected from the decisions chosen by the only active agent, The Brain.

In that way, for brain solipsists, only brain counts. And all the human problems meet their solutions looking and repairing the soul, or brain.

Brain becomes, in that way, as a pseudoscientific idolatry or foundamentalism. Brain is thus worshiped, by brain solipsists, as a historical derivation from JudeoChristian "only one god".

When brain solipsists reduce all the universe of their attention to the "only-brain", they are praying to their only God.

It would be interesting to see how this blindness about brain was developing in the history of neurosciences.

One would expect that the term "neurosciences" would include all the body at least, just because the neuronal system covers all the body.

If neuronal system covers all the body, and brain solipsists only take in account, and talk about brain, that means that the brain solipsists only take in account a reductionistic neronal system, where only consider a very, very small part of the neuronal system, and deny almost all the true neuronal system.


Here we include very diverse fields of knowledge showing that this brain solipsism is going early to near extinction...

-All the science of ecology
-Husserl and Merleau-Ponty phenomenology
-Neurophenomenology of Francisco Varela
-Autopoiesis of Maturana and Varela
- Second order sociology and cybernetics
-Embodied and embedded phenomenology
-Organism-Environment Theory
-Mirror neurons
-Conversation Neurons
-Multiple intelligences
-Emotional intelligence
-Global education
-Neural inmortality
-Pets and health
-Autistic in nature
-Postoperative and nature

Brain solipsists can be considered people with a "plain-brain", far from the three dimensions of everyday reality.

Brain solipsists search is mainly in reductionistic labs, reductionistic offices, and reductionistic classrooms, where the complexity of natural and social systems are reduced in the same order as in hierarchical societal systems, where only count the maximum authority, the Pope, the King, the Emperor.

This historical biocultural process converging towards brain solipsism is going now to be revolted by the actual 21th century scientific revolution with radical discoveries in neurosciences, in philosophy, in linguistics, in psychology, in education, in sociology.

Brain solipsism can be seen, thus, as a today anachronic epistemological fossil.

In that way, and given the extraordinary high power of brain solipsism in the image of science, next inmediate future will show dramatic changes tending towards the radical abolition of brain solipsism, as a rest of all that epistemology based on social darwinism, and opening neurosciences to the body and ecosystem, aiding in this way introducing democracy in science

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