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eGov monitor

Policy Dialogue TM (a part of Policy Governance Media Limited) is an independent media company that provides neutral platforms to facilitate open dialogue among stakeholders on public policy and encourage innovation and excellence in governance that enables and equips citizens and businesses to enjoy a better quality of life.

We are committed to promoting excellence in governance - a critical component for any country's quality of life and competitiveness in a global economy driven by knowledge. That is why, our channels, publications and events are aspirational where we bring in views of all those who are affected by how we are governed. As neutral facilitators we bring in diverse and often opposing viewpoints from government, opposition, business, labour, academia and the third sector, to enhance knowledge, understanding and sharing of ideas.

Our role is not to sit in judgement of specific policies or ideas but facilitate an open debate and discourse on how public policy can be best developed and implemented to optimise their positive impact on lives in UK and European Union primarily. As we live in a village where threats and opportunities are often global in nature, we are and will seek to bring in perspectives from around the world. Isolationism is against our credo as is content that is not free.

Currently, Policy Dialogue operates one major platform, eGov monitor- A Policy Dialogue Platform TM

Our audience spans across continents and over 70 odd countries. Naturally, Our largest audience group naturally is in the UK, closely followed by US and then India . People who write for us read us and they are either policy or decision makers or influencers across public, private and volunatry sectors.

Our partners, contributors and customers are our strengths and they validate our mandate to bring together views and opinions across sectors to drive excellence in governance that delivers better quality of life with opportunities for many.

Policy Dialogue Team

March 2007

Policy Gov. Media Limited
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Company registration no: 07117943 Registered in Wales.


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