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Acceptance Doesn't Come Easy - Lynn Margulis


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Comenting by email: http://hbgelatt.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/i-really-dont-know-life-at-all-confessions-from-an-older-and-wiser-counseling-psychologist-2/#comments

Dear Colleague,

I actualy enjoy internet across so many new knowledge connections I reach each day. And the same for that infinite (physical) reality which you describe (for me) in such a contagious way!

When you say "I Really Don’t Know Life At All", the verb "to know" can adopt diferent meanings, depending on the lenses you use.

¡Yes! We are powerful (interconnected) computers, which allow a maximum information input of 400.000 megabites in a second (Whay blip do we know?).

From these 400.000 megabites at our disposal, we generaly only take several thousand of megabites, as this video show us.

On the other hand, this (generaly accepted) acute drop or fall, in our own sensorial eficiency, that in itself is a very interesting question, and I think taken for granted, for most (formal) authors, take us on what I commented in your Web.

I actualy think (and feel, sensing) that actualy we are able to reach greater information input than this minimalistic eficiency that seem taken for granted.

In Shamanism courses, and or ceremonies, physical activities, across ecosystems (not only "natural ones"), dynamicing your sensorial body, dynamice also your brain and your both hemipheries, left and right, and their interconnections across "Corpus callosum", and between both of your two bodies, if you allows my explanation.

In spite of being so drasticaly ignored by Academia and experts, humans actualy are organisms with a clear bilateral symmetry, as so many other animal species.

We all actualy are "two in one".

We never rest alone.

We always are a consortium.

We always are Siamese twin!

And formal education systems that ignore the power of being actualy
connected with this "biopower" (Foucault), or "#bi-power", means a denial
of action, interaction, laterality, movement, mirror neurons,
echolocation, abduction...

If we all are Supermen, and now science demonstrate that to Us, we have
the oportunity and possibility of re innovation of our educational
systems, without money, that is "-the-only-question-" bureaucrats
pronounce when someone invite for changing anything, as the classroom
structure, #uaula for example ! :)))

If Music, as any other "human" tool, come from Mother Nature, as so
symplecticaly explained in this video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrSLRJCbk_w&feature=relmfu, how seem so
dificult that linguistic and other specialist understand the core of the
question: the ecosystem, as a uterus, that envelop Us all, involving Us
inside a Eco-Grid of sensations, within which we dance our lives in only
one dance ensambling Us all, as inextricable links of a sweet flowing
network, wave, cloud...

Best Wishes!

agus antunez corrales & isma

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