martes, 18 de septiembre de 2012

The Gap Between Wealth and Poverty in the World

The Gap Between Wealth and Poverty in the World - By Lance Winslow - YouTube


 When you speaks, one ecosystem is speaking, whose volume, capacity, wheight and POWER! depends only of your semantic election
 And in that ways we recuperate an inclusional language and thoughts, and actions, that covers ecosystems as main actors!
 and all that don0t need going out of towns, is wherever the diference is among 4.000 / 400.000 "What bleep do we know?"
 without any problem. Your (extraordinary!) sense are already there, you only may feed them with a litle awareness,
 Only with play mentality you approach infinitude, knowing that sensing by default is in that infinitude developed and fucntioning
 With the same enthusiasm as children, just all sciences says us that reality is a infinite set dinamicaly transforming herself
 Western alienation was in language and thoughts, not in life. We now open more our eyes, as livinf beings we are, as children
 that compensates, and gradualy changes, that portion of our attention, dedicated to these new (for us) connections.
 If we have gone out of Nature, along our common use of (disconnected) language, now we add singular aware actions, "aconteceres"
 I want read all the article in the link, recently I past in blogs many things about brain-body-ecosystem as bridge, not barriers
 moreover that idea we have already commented, about west more close to nature because more intensity in consumption and ecosystem
 Emancipation is precisely on the power we receive from what exist but is mentaly absent: Collective unconscious", Hidden Curricul
 la frase es clarita corta, incisiva y decisiva: Desde "To succeed, an ecoogicall politics... hasta ...ourselves from Nature"
 sustaining a private car mass that make eficiency and economy go Hell. Why still so much taboo with that in 21th century? :)))
 hello, Obama, you and me only will survive acepting USA as a infradeveloped country,
-aula, -collective, -ma, -meeting, -multitude, -niversity,-room, -samblea, -school, -scuela, -ssembly, -stituto
U-aula, U-collective, U-ma, U-meeting, U-multitude, U-niversity, U-room, U-samblea, U-school, U-scuela, U-ssembly, U-stituto, Umma

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