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Sensomics, Sensoma, Sensosphere

Clearly LebenWelt (Living World) Husserl Phenomenology fires on the core of (big problems created by) Western Thought, by taking our attention towards (our own) Biology, and Bios.

Etymology of "Bios", is row-phenomenology, directly affecting to the subject, the observer, the biologist (subjectivity) in very first place.

If Husserl would had lived in Midle ages, he would be burned by Biologists.

Husserl Phenomenology is a direct injerence or and (revolutionary) intromission, that now, across Autopoiesis, is going to revolucionize all the epistemology and contents in Biological Sciences.

Psychology, Phylosophy..., are becoming that: Biology. Within Biology, Zoology, Botany, and other systematic approaches, are becoming bacteriology or microbiology. Macro and micro fused by the magics of Lynn Margulis, making possible a inclusional revolution in life sciences. 

But also this "Budhist Clan", as I like call them ("people around autopoiesis people") : 

...have changed so radically, the way we see also ourselves, not only "the other" organisms, but also weselves ourselves, in that way affecting so deeply to the humanities.

Maybe the key of Autopoiesis is that ways are double-way, in life and in human life, unless certain so repetaed ceremonial acts nowadays had made in us the ¿physiological? impossibility to re discover the double way of all interactions in life, and the logical opportunities we have of interspecific and ecosystemic learning.

In development biology, after the sucess od "Evo-Devo" (genic embriology) now, the things are turning toward the ecosystem (Ecological development Biology).

This inclusional trend, toward body and ecosystem, is "Embodied and Embedded Phenomenology"

The "youth=death" theory of the great Neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal, about that neurons were diing from Youth on, os now K.O., when scientists began to study the neuronal seasonal reproduction in Song Birds, responsible of their nice Songs.

On human side, Academic Classroom, will reborn also with songs, arts, dance, and play.

Maybe this two videos on the multicultural effects in Music and Dance, are enough to understand Sensomics Sensoma and Sensosphere. The first indoors video show the interaction of the body of artists participating actively in all the rythmic process. Actually the music in everyday street is exactly the same process. Waves of sounds traveling in all directions, and echoing in all possible surfaces, primarily in three dimensions, but if you add, or multiply all the diferent sound variables present, all participants, all diferent and variable or moving positions...

When you walk on the street the street sounds attack you and all that is moving or present in the street. Actually sound waves is an authentic plague, an infnite world of dancing waves moving according the characteristic , positio, and direction of each of the innumerable sounds that shape, literaly your organism.

Soma, Sensoma, Sensomics, Sensosphere.

Soma would be our body.

Sensoma would be the 3D space I reach with my senses.

As the nucleus (soma) and cytoplasm (sensoma). Sensoma is very changing acording to the situation and circunstances. Circunstance, or sensorial circunstance, would be good candidate for the comprehension of Sensoma, too.

Sensomics is a recent scientific technological branch for the analysys of flavor components in food and beverages.

In our opinion if students study in the school that we have five senses, reducing Sensomics to only one or two senses, have no sense.

Sensosphere is the sensorial envelop of Earth. She is the Biosphere, or Gaia, but perceived across our sensorial glasses, as the world of sensations.

Thanks here to a Pedagogy Catalunya Student, that in internet wrote that "We are in the Era of Sensosphere". Curiously he studied the classroom cooperative environment.

If Eliane or Shakira play and sing in the outdoor landscape, their waves travel, and interact with the trees, rocks, and anyone of the ecosystemic companions. The sounds you would hear, are participated by the "others".

What is mainly and basically intended in this text, is a sweet invitation to EcoLinguistists, to participate also, in the experimental, practical, enjoyful part of the question.

In internet i have repeatedly explained these concrete experiences on my own, in Parks, streets and surroundings.

This connect also with autoetnography, and all the subjectivities revolution in internet, in social media, blogs, chats...

The basic quality of Sensosphere, when enjoyed within a minimum quiet attention circunstances, is her infinitude, her infinite diversity (of sensations).

This is not generally easy to explain. but "only" taking in account, the hyper complex history, from Bacteria to Homo sapiens, giving a so complex hyper sensorial machine as our body, with billions of chemical reactions in one second, with so much diversity in cells, functions, organization and forms.

Now on the other side, from our skin towards "outside" of the body, if you have the good luck of living in a mediterranean, afroeuropean city, that is considered "dirty", only looking at the ground or paviment, you will actually discover that the visual composition of paviment, plain (2.D) landscape, is everchanging in time...

In one beach, this observation is facilitated being the sand as a flexible "2D" paviment, that in the morning, after been planned mechanicaly by cleaning machines, begun each day a poetical construction toward 3D, where all participants leave their footprints; pigeons, gulls, sparrows, perrokets, dogs, cats, hands, shoulders, towels, plants, winds, waters...

As gulls are good companion of the three: water, air and land, a beach also show the dynamical structural coupling among winds, waters, and sand, feeding back each one on the other two. May aim is sharing with you both, reflections, and also direct experiences, as in a cyber mediated sporadic workshop.

.................                   ....................

Summing up, some 30 yrs. in serendipical development of a "Integartion and implentation science" called "Symbiodiversity", we offers you all four symplectic experimental tools:

- copylife "community-learning-life"

- sensing multi- co- -operative system (sensing = mimouX, the old name)

. - mkptmk (or mokoputomoko) network: is the world of sensations, the sensosphere, the Eco-Grid, and The Flesh of Merleau-Ponty. Qualia, in that sense, is equal to Sensation.

- infimonikal mathematical system: "The power of three"
(for example: brain-body-ecosystem)

...................            ....................        ...........

My dream is (always) to imagine Symbiodiversity going high in academia and Mass media conversations, without the existence of any print book or academic paper, after a very long time of incubation.

Recently I discovered this interview to Agustin Antunez (myself) in internet, in a blog of Journalist students of UMA Universidad de Málaga. Its style remember Gonzo Journalism, reflecting my own Gonzo Scientific Journalism style of my own.


A nice english text about the magics in Symbiodiversity incubation:


Thanks here to Andreas Weber Biological poetics:


And a video about Baños del Carmen, a Málaga very special and wild urban space, that in 2006 fed the two kinds of 2.0 interrelations, face to face, and by internet, growing now as a inevitable global revolution in Education and Society:


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