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Echology and U-niversity.

The last frontier.

Discovering, Exploring & Tresspasing Cognitive Dissonances.

The doors of perception are the doors to collective Unconscious, Hidden curriculum and Invisible Learning.

If the "50th aniversary book" of DNA discovery consciously missed any reference to Transgenomics amd Bacterial origin DNA, this "crime against freedom of expression", only would be, objectively and ethically, compensated by a brutal publicity Now! on all revolutionary Margulis (et al) thoughts.

As Francis Crick, a LSD consumer on the time of dna discovery.

¿Why such a notorius chemical substance actually missed a place in 1953 DNA (chemical!) article, at least in aknowledgements?

¿Isn't such a notorious (un-noticed) mistake (chemical, scientific, ethical) seen now, with our 21th century glasses, just another proof of the still prevalent scientific Inquisition Sect? (90% of USA universities were founded by churches).

Lynn Margulis, any doubt, is the great Anarquist Biologist.

Quantum Physics is still more Anarquist. Actualy what Margulis explains across Biology (Symbiology) is the way how Quantum Physics functions, in everyday life, from the point of view of a Animal (the reader) towards the world of ever-expanding life in your every day surroundings.

In Facebook we open an open discussion group: "Gaia. Implicaciones de la Nueva Biología", which we think alegrates the necessary thinking process of trespassing our lineal barriers toward a systemic view.

When reading one among this "Budhist Clan", I choose from now, to relate him or her, with some corresponding thought expressed by the other comembers (writers) of the book. As if all people collaborated in all ideas of all members of the Clan; you could look for connections that build a collective platform, of thoughts shared, with ramifications, branchings, in one group of people that decided join themselves and work together.

U-niversity is the way of learning-and-teaching of our "Budhist Clan". Around a table, walking around the surroundings.

Budhist Clan is an ideal model of Transdiciplinary work.

What we invite now ourselves is to "tejer la urdimbre" a nuestro estilo, con nuestras colectivas neuronas.

Etymologicaly, Bios means our own life, not a kind of generalisable "Life", objectivable "Life", or and Abstract  "Life".

In that way, the own history of our own language subscribes the basis of the Budhist Clan, that is, the radical phenomenological condition or and fact, that whenever you explain any thing in the scientific, or and, mental realm, you make that action not from a first-person position, but from a Animal Observer, whose sensorial, innate powers, have been constructed historicaly in a paradisiac long history of Symbiosis and collaborations.

Collaboration, Active, Now, in your sensorial powers is to permit yourself to give yourself some minimal time a day to open yours doors of perception without mental incurssions.

If Animal means movement, walking is a very good way of meditation, "acechar", to pay an enjoyful attention to what walking, magicaly, is puting at the reach of your senses, until one day you are aware  that infinite (sensations) are at your hands, and this venom take you to adventure each morning with tha same enthusiasm for walking. When you sewwtly discover that, as each instant is infinite, and as each instant is diferent, what you are actualy living is An Eternal Instant of Quantum Physics.

The so-called Parallel Universes are not parallel at all. But intermingled as a "Multiverso-estropajo". And each link, joining two diferent universes are SENSATIONS. Specialy those sensations that acumulatively produces some like a singularity, both, in conceptual or mental discovery, and in perception fields.

Perception Fields seem better than "Senses" (5).

Perception Fields are defined by circumstances that make to you concentrate (all of) your senses in a piece of landscape.

It is transversal, transensual, transensorial, you try syntonize at best with all the circumstances around one piece of landscape.

With all your senses. transversal. in that way, you are actualy making synestesia.

Thompson said that Darwinism is in itself Social Darwinism.

Maturana elevated ad infinitum the number of variables we use, as autopoietic beings, within our life as a continuous permanent conversation. Everchanging Cumulative Conversation.

Varela teje la Neurofenomenología anunciando la explosión del hemisferio cerebral izquierdo del neurasténico neurocientifista, hacia el hemisferio cerebral derecho, por el camino del cuerpo calloso engrasado por el movimiento del body, que ahora sí mira atentamete al paisaje vivo, tan vivo como él/la.

Bateso subscribes the famous "Capitalism and Schizophrenia", denouncing tha phallacy of Western Science on a Ockam razor distinguising a "good" of a "bad" brain, but only in moral, cultural terms, trespassed, epistemologicaly, toward the Medicine, or Health Realm. (Insanity: see etymology).

It seems as if Insanity was founded by the invention and diesmination of this term.

The power of a term is on their repetition, a process something like as putrefaction, fermentation, or the curing process of a soil, a yoghurt, or a wine...

Hazel Henderson wrote on permaculture. A design process with the basic and primal aim of cultivating our habitat with both recent and historical wisdom in mutualistic symbiosis, obtaining maximum resilience and productivity at the minimum effort.

Abductive reasoning (like resounding: echoes wherever and whenever!) gives you wings to think and write openly changing (aparently) the focus of attention. At least for a certain audience, still not-familiarised with complex thinking, complex language, and complex actions.

U-niversity have the singular characteristic of connecting what looks like "new", and what actualy is very old. Connecting what seems something that alike "special" with something that actualy is very common.

When we meet friends when walking, we stop and conversate, shaping automaticaly a circle of people with their faces converging in a equidistant center. It is the same in a Bar or restaurant, where 30 circles of people are talking among themselves, without interferences with other circles.

What certain Noble universities are now (re) Instaurating it is an innate process of aproximation and comunal conversation that in living realm is called Tropism or Taxia or Tactism?

Other two cognitive dissonances resound with the previous ones.
One Acquaintance of mine, in a conference, said that "Saber" (wisdom) comes from "Sabor" (flavor). From this distant time, this etymological connection have nurtured our thoughts.

And recently, we amazed with a cognitive disonance, in the name oof a "-Omics".

A new " -Omics" has born but, amazingly, it field of application seems too narrow on the light of Science.

"Sensomics" has born, but it is only applied to flavors. Thus, what is called as "Sensomics", would be actualy interpreted only as "Flavomics", at lest until now.

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