sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Mixed Metaphors and Narrative Shifts Archetypes

Jungian archetype theory exemplifies tensions between ways of questioning in psychology.Jung anchors his thesis in the contrasting discourses of biology and metaphysics, though his narrative presents a 'whole' transcending both. The present focus is on its problematic touch-down in the discourse of science. The essay considers, in turn, tensions specific to lung's writing, tensions between Jungian theory development and the logic of scientific discovery, and tensions inherent in post-Jungian revisions of archetype theory, culminating in the relationship between saying and seeing problematized by Wittgenstein. Throughout, the essay engages with Jung's theorizing as itself a creative process, the products of which (the specific propositions debated by his followers and critics) may be viewed as crossroads requiring readers of Jung to make decisions as to which way to turn. In closing, the possibility of integrating Jung's thought with a dialogical approach is indicated.

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