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What means Information Technologies to You

New eBook Defines Modern IT—and What it Means to You

We all know IT has changed dramatically in recent years, but the implications of these changes are anything but straightforward. Download an extensive e-book, entitled “Defining Modern IT”, that delineates the changes in IT, and that reveals the key implications CIOs must contend with if they’re to cultivate success in their businesses and careers. Written by acclaimed journalists, this e-book offers a compelling look at modern IT, and it features insights and anecdotes from industry analysts and many of the forward-looking CIOs that have already embraced modern IT—and enjoyed significant gains as a result.

"To be successful today, you have to be an innovator. But when you take risks, sometimes things don’t work. That flies in the face of what’s been ingrained in us for the last 25 years—that 99.99 percent of the time things have to be working. It’s a balancing act. But if you’re not moving forward and being innovative and agile, that’s going to be a much bigger problem than the occasional outage."

—Larry Bonfante, CIO of the U.S. Tennis Association (USTA)

"Most IT departments have been caught flat-footed on how to address issues of security, connectivity and data management. The issues can be overcome, but IT will have to innovate with new controls and frameworks to address them."

—Doug Saunders, Director of IT, Republic Services

"CIOs who are spending less time running a data center or hiring new programmers can spend more time staying on top of technology trends and presenting them to other executives. They need to stay ahead of the curve, because consumer-oriented technology vendors are innovating much faster than enterprise-oriented vendors. That means that employees will be sharing new-product presentations on YouTube and downloading data to iPhones if the CIO hasn’t created secure and credible alternatives."

—Bill Bulkeley, veteran journalist and former high-tech reporter for Wall Street Journal

"Whatever route a business takes to the cloud, it is likely that the IT department is going to need some help managing and monitoring services. While the cloud offers the potential for tremendous efficiencies, there is also a great deal that can go wrong, both in performance and security."

—Steve Wildstrom, a technology analyst and blogger and former BusinessWeek columnist

Chapter List

  • Modern IT is Here to Stay – Embrace It or Be Left Behind, By Tom Grubb
  • Today’s CIOs are Getting Down to Business, By Bill Bulkeley
  • Failure Is Not an Option: Managing IT Risk in the Modern Organization, By Stephanie Overby
  • Taking a Full Measure of the Future, By Janet Rae-Dupree
  • Shifting Boundaries , By John W. Verity
  • Social Engineering, By Julie Pitta
  • Doing More with Less, By Steve Wildstrom
  • Everything’s Interconnected, By Robert Mullins

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