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Just Copy and Paste. A primer in Cognition Politics

(After yesterday I wrote these reflections, I jumped today to browsers, and I found that: http://www.google.es/search?rlz=1C1CHIK_esES406ES406&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=%22cognition+politics%22 It seems that our approach touch a wider extension of what "cognition politics" means until now in Noosphere. I will track now Scopus database...)

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Information, Knowledge and Wisdom.
Life, Thought and Language.

Abduction by political leaders affect also to their critics, caught in a reverse idolatry process

What we see so normal today, as a leader spreading his facial, plane image and caricaturesque discourse, have a deep neurosemantic effect across their critics too. Critic population follows trapped in that reverse idolatry trap, talking and talking about stupid leaders, and thus attending to conversations that reinforce the power of the leader. In that way, hating your leader becoming a way to sustain him, and becoming a little more stupid. Many people, critical to this pseudodemocracy, invest thus their time amplifying, against their primary will, stupid information, on stupid leaders...

In the actual internet implosion, we see how conventional powers is using the amplification capabilities of new media to reach a maximum covers of audience.

We can apply that to recent singular actions, as IMF boss scandal.

It is very curious how this news, of no practical interest at all, are repeatedly appearing in mass media, and later, they are repeteadly answered by "critical people" thru social networks, etc...

As a result of this pin-pong game between pramidal powers, and the response by its critics, we see how critical people are being caught in a representationist trap, allowing a semihidden process of political submission and obedience, and as final result, that the attention powers of millions of citizens, is being co-opted, as in old times, by other diferent interest than our own.

Along 20th century, we see the implosion of mass media, and the catastrophic result of brain washing on general population. Newspapers, later Radio, later Television, and now Internet.

What this temporal amplification process has produced is following the indictum of Mass Psicology of Fascism. Actual increasing dominance of internet 2.0 is going to allow a decrease in the effect of Mass Psicology of Fascism on our lives. But in the meanwhile, it is important to discover by which means our cognitive capabilities are (were) so easy co-domesticated, as so repeat, clonicaly, the name of one lider, as if one lider would something diferent of one single human being, but hyper elevated to the symbolic world, by means of clonic repetition and representation.

Thus, in actual internet world, the conventional powers and mass media only "copy and paste" some lider photograph, the name, and some slogan, to continue feeding Us in a not-desired brain alienation.

The origin of representation may be seen in the first christian representation of Christ face maybe in those desert caves where christians look for protection against their enemies. You know desert is so new and impacting that maybe creativity coming to that end. The point here is how some 2 thousands years later, we follow basically the same cognitive skeleton, but now from liders and political parties that they are supossedly aconfessional. In that way political groups are following the same tool as the piramidal idolatric religions living before, and still?

The results of those finding imply a radical reinterpretation of democracy, if we are not to following the same criminal results of fascism and belief fundamentalisms. This story could be seen as how under democracy name, fundamentalism, fascism, and deeply historical beliefs, make a murderer symbiosis where people and cultures and humankind were always the victims.

Bush 2003. The plane photographs, or video images of this human being, are overwhelmingly spread across the planet, in mass media and internet. Both, his supporters and his critics, are being feeding by a clonic and symplectic way of desinformation where the key are Bush image and Bush name. As you could imagine, not only his supporters talked and talked about Bush. His critics also talked and talked about Bush. In that way, the attention of the critics are also taken in the same trap as his supporters. They are equaly abduced and dedicating their times for repeat the name "of the monster", Bush. In that way, critical people are prevented of creating their own autonomous thinking, their alternatives views. In facebook you could recently see how so many critical people were talking (against?) the royal wedding, the Obama-Osama affair, the IMF scandal, or anything else.

You know hoe US politics invented the selfcritics, as in that way appears in mass media both sides of the money, the official opinion, and many other appearing as critical responses to the official view point. In that way, mass media were acting as if we had a real democracy where opinions are largely discussed and enriched.

All that, as I say, is quickly changing in the era of internet 2.0. In fact for many teenagers "caught" mainly in social networks, little about Bush, or Zapatero, or IMF boss scandal is reaching them. Because they are apart, generaly, from conventional mass media.

Maybe for digital inmigrant the problem is, was higher, just because they are more caught in this pin pong game of responding to whatever disparate position reached by politicians.

The question is how "copy and paste" metaphor is maybe enough to understand how the overwhelming and clonic repetition of single liders images and discourse, can spread towards the neurosemantic networks of a great portion of humankind (lesser and lesser, in next future, I hope).

Bush is just a member of one animal species called "Homo Sapiens". Bush is one individual that has been seen directly, from body to body, by very very little portion of the humankind that has seen him across mass media. You know, Bush, being a single human being, is going to reach a level of popularization, based on idolatry, that is the repetition of a certain image-symbol, making the miracle of represntationism appearing, and all the known criminal consequences we have seen.

Technically, thus, what we make when looking, or and commenting, about such a representationist lider, is respectively, to worship (idolatry), and to pray. To pray, in that case, is repeating a lider name and discourse, a mantra, notwhistanding our vision maybe critical against him. But the question is the consumption of time, and texts, and of conversations, critical people are using in that work. generaly critical people think that thier critical discourses against that lider is a part of the normal function of a critical citizen, or of a critical group. But what they forget is that the lider are seeing the view "from above". The lider is gaining the representationist battle because creates a space of permanent discourse among his critics.

Thru the clonic repetition and spreading, after 2 millenia, of simplistic ideas and images of one certain leader, what has been created in social consciousness, is a powerfull atractor that functions, authonomally, as a very fluid channel, neurosemantic channel, where the speed of transmission is very high.

Indigenous people generaly are nor able of identifying a photograph with the human being present, or represented in the photograph. In our imagery society, we, as western people, tend to think in the logical, expected, automatic correspondence, between my self, and my photograph. In that way we forget and take for granted, all that centuries of representationist religious and political powers in Europe. Remember how the first photographs, at the end of 19th century, were "a circus subject" because of so ridiculous were appearing for the eyes of those 19th centiry citizens, that saw photographs just as a bad caricature of ourselves.

Middle ages assemblies were with the prince attending to hundred of thousand citizens. They were all face to face. In religion realms, idolatric catholic were disseminating from long before the caricaturised images of their leader, Jesus.

If the image of the Roman Pope is the center, in frequency, within Vatican publications, it would be normal, expected, because Vatican is supossed a patriarchal, not democracy association.

The long history of symbiosis between religious and political powers in Europe history, has made that now we are suffering the criminal using of idolatry, and representationism, by means of political and state organizations, that were supossed dedicated to stablishing real or actual democracy for their citizens.

Dequeing, a democracy quality index, were created sometime ago, in these blogs from guay gueby gueb, for accounting about the abuse of political organizations of idolatry and representationism, in the mass media. In that way you could follow the data of your own country to notice at what stance the supossed project of democracy is going to be wrong, from its roots, by a abuse in the tax of clonification by imaging and discourse, of the respective political leaders. Maybe in northern countries, piramidal leaders are not so frequent in massmedia. I have no idea. I wait for you reader to make some statistical analysis and return your results in order to share and learn in that 2.0 interchange...

Cognition Politics here is about both, the cognition networks of conventional politics, and the politics of cognitive sciences. For example, you could see how in neurosciences, the role of "Mister Brain" seem paradoxically so important, as the King or the Queen of the state, or the president. You see how dificult is to find neurosciences speaking beyond your skull. Brain, Brain, and more Brain... Where is the body? Where is the senses? Where is the ecosystem actually the basis of our information biological system? No! Brain, as President, are the only important. You see how the same level of solipsism or nihilism, and thus, systematic desinformation, is visible in both, cases. Brain solipsism is being this another victim of representationism, affecting Neurosciences, but you know, today speak about neurosciences is the same as to speak, ex-clu-si-ve-ly, from Her Majesty The Brain...

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