jueves, 8 de septiembre de 2011

That Lonesome Whistle: A Puzzle for Sensorimotor Models of Perceptual Experience



Analysis (2006)
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    (ORegan and No 2001, No 2004). Thus consider a certain visual shape. According to ORegan and No : the visual quality of that very shape is precisely the set of all potential distortions that the shape undergoes when it is moved relative to us, or when we move relative to it. (ORegan and No 2001: 942. Emphasis in original) This account, we are told, yields a satisfying explanation of perceptual presence: the sense that we have of, for example, right now seeing a whole tomato even though only one side is currently stimulating the retina. The sensorimotor model depicts this sense of presence as rooted in knowledge of patterns of sensorimotor contingency, e.g. our implicit understanding (our expectation) that movements of our body to the left or right, say,

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