jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Sensational, Neurosemantic and Experiential Diversity

The meme diversity, have exploded thru scientific papers and books.

Here we expand this meme, in correspondence with the expansion of science and phenomenology, and many other scientific areas of today science.

Sensations are the natural and logical basis of information. They are the units of sensosphere, or world of sensations; sensomics is your very old technology of sensing; and mkptmk is the server (in informatic language) within whom you are living, sensing, and super living (the vivir super). Sensations are multidimensional, and multisharing. Living is as the syncronic confluence of diferent web pages, at the same time. Multiscreen is a good way to begin for characterising sensosphere in a manner more or less understable.

Visual reflections across lunas, ¿como se dira en inglés?, cristales hay en la city por doquier, y a casi cualquier hora vas despreocupado en el autobus, y observas, porque te llama la atencion, un sinfin de reflejos multiplemente repetidos y o ampliados en espacios paralelos, te fijas y vas saltando de pantalla en pantalla, de reflejo en reflejo, despreocupadamente, entonces descubres que andas enmedio de un fantastico juego de rol donde nadie parece morir, a pesar de ver a una mujer que se abre paso, en cuatro dimensiones, a través del espacio y volumen de un coche que pasa. Todo se funde y conversa con todo magicamente y en paz, solo que tu te diviertes disfrutando de ese halo mágico de tu, por otro lado sistema infernal de transporte, y no lo dices por el autobus, no;

Any sensation can be easily characterised, thru the descriptor you choose, spontaneously, in the moment. You lives a certain curiosity within that reflection dancing among multiscreen observation in sensosphere, and you choose a name, for better remembering, and better fixing within your neurosemantic networks.

We speak of neurosemantic network, at the moment of the passing the information of the sensation across the alicia mirror of language (verbal); when you speak of that new sensation you record in autobus, you are at the same time fixing all your theorethical knowleges within ecosystem. You have just stablished a new "etiqueta", a new link, which now covers also your muscular, and many more organic system and tissues related with thinking, and with verbal language. You are increasing your diversity of neural networks. Your ideas belong also to this physical world conviving with yu everyday. Now that yu are speaking and thinking, and observing, moe systematicaly, your living, and dynamic, surroundings, your ideas are not more floating as a isolate cloud, but a transcloud, where physical data thru active observation, and describing by verbal language, and in internet, all that make that your ecological or ecosystem consciousness is increasing, and also your beinh more and more aware of physical world, of the city yu are living in, and the miriad of species and individuals colleagues, with whom you are actualy in eternal conversation, but now, you are making more solid contact, thru aware observation, verbal language and internet sharing...

Sensational diversity maybe easily measured thru the numbers of bits that you need for recording a certain sensation, experience, or group of sensation.

Neurosemantic diversity means summing up both, the bits for recording the physical experience or sensation, and latter the bits you need for recording your verbal conversation about the experience.

Experience diversity can be measured the same, taking video recording of the surrounding where the experience is happening...

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