we have an obvious technological revolution, shown in spanish 11M mobile revolution, and jasmine - 15 M revolutions among many other;

actual technological revoltution is inexorably based on a global scientific revolution; the scientific revolution gives all that new scientific knowledges; the technological revolution takes all that new scientific knowledge, and transfom them in practical ways by which we can connect instantaneously, and glokaly, across this web of webs;

but on the way, we know, and hear continuously, that we are living inside a world revolutioned by a thechnologycal revolution, and at the same time, if you look for a scientific revolution across google, you only will read about newton revolution, and other century-old revolutions...

together with these two global revolutions (scientific and thechnological), we see everyday the mass humane social global revolution against this obsolete political system;

1,3 and 8 are as three approaches to the classroom, in ascending oppenness;

1 is the 1.0 slave classroom, where almost all activities are slaved to the fixed, and hyerarchical, and bipolar, physical structure;

3 is the 2.0 classroom, where free and moving seats allows a face-to-face circle, and also the U-shaped structure, and also the escolastic structure;

8 is the next logical step in the openness of the classroom; 8 is the 0.0 classroom, where the limits seen in 1.0 and 2.0 classroom are jumped, definitely, openning schools and universities, againg, to any other space of work present in the place or town where the school is situated; re situating the education activities on the real world on citizen and community have to doors to cross; on one side, we have all the powers of internet 2.0 within classroom; on the other side, the social networks 0.0 allows to inlcude in universities and schools all the power of the phisycal world, beyond the clkassroom walls;

post jasmine 15M invites us the contagion of our revolutionary hearts towatds the heart of societal system, towards education and universities, where so many activities still rest on this "far-west" world, 1.0;

fortunately, young digital natives, which represent almost the 100% of schools, are already inmersed so much in the thechnological revolution that will be very happpy for supporting that their classrooms become also 2.0 in their physical structure, allowing that our sensorial powers for interacting become basic for the contagion of interactive world to the physical, face to face education world;