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Radical Interconnectedness

[CITAS] The signature of the whole: Radical interconnectedness and its implications for global and environmental education

D Selby - Encounter: education for meaning and social justice, 2001
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D Selby - Theory into Practice, 2000 - Taylor & Francis
... Page 3. 90 THEORY INTO PRACTICE / Spring 2000 GLOBAL EDUCATION / Viewed From
Around the World Radical interconnectedness also connotes a synergistic interplay between
our outer and inner worlds; between planetary and personal well be- ing. ...
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[PDF] de lakeheadu.caD Selby - Canadian Journal of Environmental …, 1999 - openjournal.lakeheadu.ca
... by reducing them to their parts. Instead, a world of radical interconnectedness is
revealed—of parts and wholes deeply embedded within each other and in dynamic
and unfolding relationship. I present a four-dimensional model ...
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E O'Sullivan, A Morrell… - 2002 - books.google.com
... The Pedagogical Dimension of Participatory Democracy and Social Action 59 Danirl
Schugurcusby 7 The Signature of the Whole: Radical Interconnectedness and Its Implications
for Global and Environmental Education 77 Darid Srlby 8. Learning from a Spiritual Perspective ...
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[PDF] de adishakti.orgS Harding - … College web site, http://schumachercollege. gn. apc. … - adishakti.org
... This highly developed sensitivity, this experience of radical interconnectedness, is the hallmark
of supporters of the Deep Ecology movement, and is the basis for the elaboration of any ecological
philosophy, such as the pioneering work of the Norwegian philosopher, Arne ...
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G Leicester - European Journal of Education, 2007 - Wiley Online Library
... These are powerful times. 2 We are citizens of a global society living in unprecedented conditions
of boundless complexity, rapid change and radical interconnectedness. Peter Drucker writes
that: 'Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. ...
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M Poovey - Victorian Studies, 1993 - JSTOR
... which sexual division Page 2. Mary Poovey can be transcended, but a radical
interconnectedness which has been and remains the unstable ground of both
repression and liberation" (229). Transgressive reinscription can take ...
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G Anzaldúa… - 2002 - books.google.com
... like me. And if this was the case—that there are "ahnas afines," kindred souls, in this
world—then I'm not alone. Bridge contributors combined calls for visibility with an
insistence on our radical interconnectedness. Its this paradoxical ...
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D Selby - Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 2006 - Taylor & Francis
... View all references; Selby, 200143. Selby, D. 2001. The signature of the whole: radical
interconnectedness and its implications for global and environmental education. Encounter.
Education for Meaning and Social Justice , 14(1): 5–16. View all references). ...
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[PDF] de infactispax.orgEJ Brantmeier - Infactis Pax, 1 (2), 2007 - infactispax.org
... and state in the United States. Rooting insight into the radical interconnectedness of all ... can activate
a sense of universal compassion and responsibility for all “beings and things of the world.” The
radical interconnectedness of all life, or as Gandhi puts it, “The rock ...
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