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Pareidolia is a New Science - Consciousness

Dali paintings as a tool for assessing altered form and size perception in schizophrenic patients | [O uso de pinturas de dalí como ferramenta para avaliação das alterações na percepção de forma e tamanho em pacientes esquizofrênicos]de Bustamante Simas, M.L., Nogueira, R.M.T.B.L.,Menezes, G.M.M., Amaral, V.F., Lacerda, A.M., Santos, N.A.2011Psicologia USP 22 (1), pp. 67-800

Neuropareidolia: Diagnostic clues apropos of visual illusionsMaranhão-Filho, P.,Vincent, M.B.2009Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria 67 (4), pp. 1117-11231

Early (M170) activation of face-specific cortex by face-like objectsHadjikhan, N., Kveraga, K.,Naik, P., Ahlfors, S.P.2009NeuroReport 20 (4), pp. 403-4076

Dendritic stylizationLong, J., Mould, D.2009Visual Computer 25 (3), pp. 241-2530

Seeing things: Ghosts in the machineDunning, A., Woodrow, P.2008International Journal of Design Sciences and Technology 15 (1), pp. 53-650

Ghosts in the machineDunning, A., Woodrow, P.,Hollenberg, M.2008MM'08 - Proceedings of the 2008 ACM International Conference on Multimedia, with co-located Symposium and Workshops , pp. 1125-11260

Pareidolias in obsessive-compulsive disorder: Neglected symptoms that may respond to serotonin reuptake inhibitorsFontenelle, L.2008Neurocase 14 (5), pp. 414-4181

The visual system as a constraint on the survival and success of specific artworksMelcher, D., Bacci, F.2008Spatial Vision 21 (3-5), pp. 347-3621

The pareidolia of diamondsSheby, J., Darley, J.2007Gems and Gemology 43 (4), pp. 363-3640
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Pareidolia in Beato de Liébana's illuminated visigothic codes | [Pareidolia en los códices visigóticos iluminados de Beato de Liébana]Martín Araguz, A.,Bustamante Martínez, M.C.,Fernández-Armayor Ajo, V.,López Gómez, M.2002Neurologia 17 (10), pp. 633-6422

Visual hallucinations and macular degeneration: An example of the Charles Bonnet syndromeNadarajah, J.1998Australian and New Zealand Journal of Ophthalmology 26 (1), pp. 63-658

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