miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

Subjectivity & Objectivity

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  1. comenting: http://knowledge-ecology.com/2011/12/05/knowledge-ecology-turns-one/

    Yes, Knowledge is ecological, in nature, because we actualy are animals, living beings, moving and living across ecosystems. Maturana and Varela say: "Living is Learning, Learning is Living". If our senses are always alive, we are always living, learning, knowing, and changing; all that within ecosystems. In that way, ecosystem merges as the main focus, in actual scientific revolution. "Structural Coupling", from these authors, refers to actual sensorial entanglement, connecting us within ecosystem. As ecosystem is a producer of information, and or, sensations, any approach to subjectivity must take in account, forcefully, the ecosystem, just because ecosystem is participating, and shaping, with those inputs, your thinking, your language, and your actions. Shaman or eastern contemplation makes you aware, and responsible! of our ecosystem connections, and interdependences! But is all the body who knows. In that sense, intelectual argumentations could be complemented by body activities, in order to achieve that state of fussion, mistical, allowing to a change in our scientific opinions... Thanks My brothers!


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