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mimouX symbiosis survival

mimouX symbiosis survival->

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agustinant writes"(1) mim is a Sym(3) for Sur(8).
fifth information revolution well coming
any link to google, just re-actualising each instant,
any way to wrait is also gud,
as if you always obey always always,
as we see in internet, too frequently,

these are also roads,
dat yu can choose, enyguey...

mimouX covers (1) Machine, + (3) Human + (8) Ecosystem. as one-in-all system,

following integration and implementation sciences,
growing and growing in internet,

Margulis Revolution = func. (Autopoiesis Revolution)

Autopoiesis Revolution = func (Phenomenology Revolution)

Phenomenology emphasis! is just within your self, your sensorial body, perceiving as a living being...

Husserl Most cerebral probable impact by the Mass Murdering in Nazi camps.

What actualy Husserl catched "on the air", within "suspending", or "epojé", cannot be intelectualy (only) approach, and is the natural and experimented diferent methods, for what New Age is "Meditation". Shamanism we could say, as her science was growing along history, among many cultures, and names... Technologicaly, the success of mimouX is the hybridization within 1machines, human bodies3, and "natural" 3D Landscapes8.

First approach to that language and reflections, symplectic, but at the same, complex in their symplectic sense,
may feel you strange.

It is as gonzo science, with hyperliberrimus languages formal one within them.

I Use mainly google for entry wherever within guay gueby gueb, the network basis of all that work, composed by blogs, gemails, and wikis...

One day I encountered this nice words, about our blogs, by a very good email friend, some month after emailing...
(at the end of post)

mim(1)ouX is a Sym(3)biosis for Sur(8)vival

meme. mimi.. mim...

mimi is any less known meme, with higher bio power

mim is the same, but from our "arsenal"

grouping memes by three, is infimonikal math system I was using some years ago, experimenting with him. Is very intuitive... look at searcher...

The network connecting our mimouX bodies, with other bodies, and within other bdoies or and ecosystems, is "mkptmk", the server!

mkptmk (freaky name) is all exactly the same as "The Flesh", a idea from Merleau ponty, which today was considered misterious or and inaprehemsible... And we use also "Sensosphere", as the whole sume of sensations, or and sensations clouds, living with you, living within you, and actualy making your motor O.K.

Qualia = Sensation (Cloud) (symplectics)

Curiously, the technology of mimouX, have been already described, but only for a subfield of global sensosphere. Sensomics, only used for bier flavors and so on.

Ecological mind covers, easier, I think, this frontier space, we call sensosphere; the subject, when you are more aware of these, your superpowers (superman/Nietszche/Shamanism), you'll notice how the clouds of sounds, for example, OCCUPY the territory around you, and all living there around.

Thanks, for feeding&enjoying, the fifth informatic, revolution...

Un Fuerte abrazo! :)))

Nice to draw in this slashdot Fair...:))) If anyone feel guay for collaborating...

agustin antunez corrales

associate Zoology profesor (and Ánimal!)
(I chose: "TeachLearner", or Profalumni)
ISMA utopoietiCSystems

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