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New WordPress.com Site: reiniciarchaman

New WordPress.com Site: reiniciarchaman

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Your new WordPress.com blog has been successfully set up.

You can log in with the following information:
Username: amahuetl
Password: *
at http://wordpress.com

Some useful links:
Write a new post: http://reiniciarchaman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php
Change your blog's settings: http://reiniciarchaman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/options-general.php
Choose another theme: http://reiniciarchaman.wordpress.com/wp-admin/themes.php
See what others are writing about: http://wordpress.com/tags/

If you're just getting started, there are tons of helpful resources available and easily searched for on our support site and forums.

Learn WordPress. Tutorials and Walkthroughs: http://learn.wordpress.com
More Frequently Asked Questions: http://support.wordpress.com

We hope you dig your new blog. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know!

--The WordPress.com Team

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