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Wittgenstein = Husserl + Merleau-Ponty

I am agustín antúnez corrales, and nice to meet you this clear autumn veroño morning. Generally I don't sign (with my personal name) my posts within these blogs. You can find maybe the user name: "complaciencia" ("Pleasurely Sharing Science": "La Ciencia con Placer Compartiendo"), and other user names as Universidad Placentaria, Universidad planetaria, Global Strategic Assesment, Risus Paschalis,....

Other times, across internet, I sign as "I.S.M.A", or "ISMA Autopoietic Systems", or "ISMA Utopoietic Systems".

As I am aware in many other times, thru a very free style for writing, spontaneous, or authomatic, I met this beautiful "meme": "Utopoiesis" (As the development of Utopias), as the product of what western formal anachronic systems called "ERROR", a dactylographic error.

Your fingers know more than your brain.

Your fingers know all that your brain knows, and all the memories of direct sensorial interrelationships between your fingers, across their everyday experience, as fingers. Remember the brain homunculus and the greater area related to our hands.

And thus, when you think that your fingers have comitted a fault, an error, maybe your fingers, what actualy they are saying to you is maybe the cultural manipulation, and "error", comitted by your own language and cultural social systems, when they maybe have decided certain norms, or varieties of terms, and language, that are not the natural ones; or are not the only ways of expressing something.

Many times, when keeping to talk to my fingers in freedom, I notice that the supossed "error", across some text, or post, actually was another practical term, or idea, that increase, and make better, my understanding of the subject.

Anycase, when a dactylographic "error" emerges in the ocean of your neurosemantic networks, and you discover it in the text, my way is, firstly, consider the "error", by default, as a "hyperlink". One practical possibility is to keep the "error-term", aside the "True-Word", in parenthesis. Sometimes, I try to see the answer of google, to that, in-born "meme".

As you can see, the ways of creativity are thousands, or quasi-infinite.

ISMA is an actual, or real, association, in Andaluzia, among people of Cadiz y Malaga. ISMA means "INICIATIVAS DE SOSTENIBILIDAD, MEDIOAMBIENTE Y AUTOGESTION".

iF YOU ARE INTERESTED in working or planning something with ISMA, you know that is under formal Laws, and responsibilities. Nice to meet you.

Wittgenstein = Husserl + Merleau-Ponty.

In this small video, Witt talk about the language as a public affair.

"Human Verbal Language" is a public affair by many reasons.

Space-Time reasons imply to understand the dynamic physical and biological systems within which we are embedded, BY DEFAULT.

We are living beings within a space-time system. When we see to space, we see the earth, plenty of ecosystems and living systems, hundreds, or thousands of millions of species, with which we permanently share this small piece of universe.

When we see to time, we see that we are the irreductible dynamic product, of, be four millions yrs of CO evolution within this Space-Time-Earth System.

In that way, we now are approaching your everyday life. You always are an animal within an ecosystem, be an office, be street or plaza,...

In that ecosystem many languages, not verbal human, are coexisting, if you open your eyes.

In that ecosystem they are many sensations that you are able to perceive, that don't belong to "your body", at least they are not only produced by your body. Be the computer, connected with my fingers, for example, be the road, at some hundreds meters from my office at UMA. In that last case, I are not moving the cars, I only hear the cars passing far from mine, and from my actions, exceptuating my sensorial authonomy, making able of capting the cars, by hearing them, across my hearing sense.

We take the accent in "public language" by Wittgenstein, and I extend its meaning, acording to embodied and embedded phenomenology, where all the ecosystem is actualy concerned.

And you only have to feel and perceive, as the animal you are, to be clearley aware, of the ecosistemic agence of all the sensations your senses are capting everytime.

And here is where Merleau-ponty make appearance.

The Flesh of Merleau-Ponty, would only be inclusional, if you consider it as a wholistic system.

The Flesh is the Ecosystem. And the Language of Ecosystem is at your disposal when you open your doors of perception, your senses. All the direct and instantaneous info you take from any ecosystem, is catched by your senses.

Qualia are sensations.

Sensosphere is the cloud of sensations that invade to you in any moment of your animal, living, sensing life.

The Flesh is the sume of qualia, or sensations, you could make in any moment, around you, making a "sensogram", maybe a paper where in two dimensions, within a circle, you mark each sensation, in the direction where it is perceived...

Flesh is sensosphere, thus...

You can find many info about all that in our blogs.

Pleas, feel free to use google, for anything, and the good friend of google, will take you freely across all that new constructs connecting shamanism, phenomenology, biosemiotics, epistemology, anarchysm, commons' sense.


aND HOW your body can reach to a dynamic state of consciousness to accept, or to dialogue within all that global science?

The answer: Shamanic thecniques at your disposal, across all the world...

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