lunes, 7 de noviembre de 2011

What Happens in today's world?

It would be very good that schools and universities sharing the news within the classroom, to understand better the role of their discipline within the alternative solutions for that global crisis, that seems very much global in streets, and bares, than among universities and telediarios...

Universities seems as still now almost virgin about the term "CRISIS" !!! :)))

And this is very good, for you lecturer in this blog now, maybe; becausse the solution is very very easy.
Begin with the newsm sharing with students in the early morning, and connecting them with the lesson of this day.

You will go noticing very much alive your classroom than before.
Because what only you add.

Would be The world, The reality, the planet; Gaia; ecosystems; and a very long etcetera, that will add to an easy comprehension of your disciplinary science, in such a way that you all will notice as global science, or transdisciplinarity, only just coming of applying within the classroom, the multi multi dimensional language, transdisciplinary actualy!!!, that you use autside your discipline, that si, within your every day, and night, language...

Maybe for phenomenologists to clear, and clear more and more their idea, basic, of pheneomenology, it is enough to take a little and quiet attention to that ten minutes video from youtube, where someone pulverise all philosophy in less than ten minutes. Only you add, to that public language, from wittgenstein, all the flesh iof merleau ponty, and you are considering language all the languages within the actual ecosystem you always inhabit, where, for example, music, or some road, are adding a vital component reaching and informing your sensorial networks, but, as in your discipline, still now, these abundant and varied sounds, are not included within human berval communication, you until now, were omitting them; that is you were omitting all the earth languages, less the verbal human language, and from that, mainly the formal, or scientific... :)))


And now some news, coming from blogs added within,Authorised=false.html?

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