martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

How About a Local Transportation Networking Committee?

Having visited hundreds of economic development associations around the country along with many chambers of commerce as I franchised my business in 23 states, I can recall numerous groups promoting the fact that they had their transportation and distribution systems within their county or city all figured out, where everything was streamlined, and they called that an advantage to anyone relocating into their area. In fact, it was usually in the brochures and promotional material of the economic development committees and chambers. Okay so let's talk about all this for a second shall we?

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  1. In spanish we say "cuidad" (ciudad), that means care! and fortunately. it's time for caring cities; in that global world we cannot continnue being blind in front of so many cities today in this world, cities that are caring cities, with healthier people that don't suffer a transport system, dominated by ALMOST EMPTY cars, that affects economy in first place.

    Recently an article in "Die Welt" dennounced Spanish coruption system comparing us with a third world dictatorship.

    WE have dennounced from long time, in texts and fliers, car dictatorship as a case of State Terrorism, and now we are, with your invaluable support, going to pass to legal actions in this sense. Terrorist Society is a 1968 concept developed by Henri Lefevre, for France, in the sixties. Now acording to Lefevre we are in a global super terorism. We have no fear. We are all!


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