viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Religion and Sustainability

Johnston, Lucas F., 2013, Religion and Sustainability: Social Movements and
the Politics of the Environment, Bristol, CT: Equinox (hardcover and
paperback editions).

From description:

 Sustainability is now key to international and national policy,
manufacture and consumption. It is also central to many individuals who try
to lead environmentally ethical lives. Historically, religion has been a
significant part of many visions of sustainability. Pragmatically, the
inclusion of religious values in conservation and development efforts has
facilitated relationships between people with different value structures.
Despite this, little attention has been paid to the interdependence of
sustainability and religion, and no significant comparisons of religious
and secular sustainability advocacy. Religion and Sustainability presents
the first broad analysis of the spiritual dimensions of
sustainability-oriented social movements. Exploring the similarities and
differences between the conceptions of sustainability held by religious,
interfaith and secular organizations, the book analyses how religious
practice and discourse have impacted on political ideology and process.

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