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Discognition: A Lecture by Steven Shaviro

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Post       : Discognition: A Lecture by Steven Shaviro
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Posted     : May 25, 2013 at 11:00 am
Author     : Adam Robbert
Tags       : Affect, Alfred North Whitehead, Cognitivism, Gilles Deleuze,
Kant, Philosophy of Organism, Representationalism, Steven Shaviro
Categories : New Materialisms, Process Philosophy

The Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought (D.U.S.T.) provides us with the
following lecture from Steven Shaviro: Cognitivist and representationalist
theories of mind continually find themselves confronted with elements that
they can neither subsume nor exclude, but can only regard as supplemental.
I argue that these supplemental elements are in fact the primordial forms
of sentience, and […]

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