martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

... and science falled in love with matriarchy

Four kinds of inclusional worlds are shown: left-brain, body, society and ecosystem. Four kinds of consciousness rule those worlds: left-brain consciousness, body consciousness, social consciousness and ecosystem consciousness. Our everyday practical consciousness travels, in a complementary fashion, among those four kinds. But according to our profesional activities, we tend to posicionate ourselves in a certain point among those four worlds of consciousness. For neoclasical neurology, for example, brain becomes Platon Cave and nothing seems to exist beyond brain. Left-Brain consciousness is the realm of psicologism, of the "sacred" dichotomy mind-body (actualy Brain / Body!), of conductivism, of mass psicology of fascism. Is the world of Abduction (1.0) where "liders are God" and beliefs and or ideologies occupy a significant part of what official educational systems inoculate by iteraction-and-memorizing.

Abduction 1.0 is going ahead in hierarchical classrooms, in classical (lineal) texts, in the news section of conventional mass media, and in the mass "unipersonal" car transit. In all those cases or models, all is around a bipolar right line, the unidimensional human of Markuse, the Planiland of Dr. Quantum. The operative system sustaining this so much simplistic adoctrination process is AD-ORATION (to-the-plane). More your left-brain and body are repeating these adoration process, more your world-view is reducing itself towards a simplistic right line where dichotomy dominates, and where that line, thus is cut in two portion by a certain value or point. As in Exam results, where students see along a line going from zero to ten, and generaly FIVE is the point and or value where this rol playing is "saved"!

aBduction 2.0 means which we have a "B" plan. aBduction 2.0 is the scientific logic of creativity, ressucitated by Charles S Peirce in XIX century, and specialy in 21th century by artificial intelligence, having thus infected all the core of the circuitry where all that global conversation (internet 2.0) is circulating.

aBduction 2.0 is the capacity you have for circulate among all that diferent four kinds of worlds and consciousnesses. With the great advantage that today more integrative sciences have already covered that ways. Fenomenology, Biosemiotics, specialy, are in a radical epistemological revolution, all around the basic process where your existence and life is nurtured. That is, your capacity to attend in a efficient manner, to watch your real world, the physical world where your life is happening, and not only almost a miriad of abstract concepts, and beliefs, that operative system of world 1.0 have tried to insert in your living and learning process.

The secret to be aware of that curious apartheid of our physical world, is precisely to observe our everyday life, more than our profesional lives.

In our own everyday lives we develops all the features and processes which any organism develops. We breath, we eat, we move our bodies... And we actualy are living in a true complex system. More you are aware of the easy complexity around your everyday living, more you will be able of connecting all the pieces in the abstract world of your university course, or your specialised proffesion.

In the way, taking as a very practical model your everyday living, you will discovered, precisely, all the lacunes, the holes, the hidden curriculum, or the unconscious parts of your own profesional, or academic work.

Our serendipical 20 yrs adventure trughout global science, points specialy to commons' sense and shamanism as the doors of perception from where it is possible to return to a more global perception of reality, across a miriad of new science and scienrtific discoveries that change, radicaly, the way we see humans and the world.

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