sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Prisonner is not the dilema, but the 1.0 scientist brain itself


Maybe 1.0 scientist brain is parallel to all parallel lines she lives in their everyday lives (see conesa too). In ths way parallel multiverse is but a neurosemantic by product, of the orthogonal dominant structure in a 1.0 scientist life...

In this way, the platonian prison is embodied, thru your own experiences in physical world dominated by orthogonal structures where you becomes another piece more of a orthogonal metastructure (as a big city from very high in the space), making easier to reproduce that orthogonality, that create another diferent system. Is as the car that in a curve in the road, try to follow the right line, and go out from the road.

In this way, 1.0 scientist comes from a biocultural and epistemological origin. The dichotomy between god as infinite being, and you as a finite one.

The finitude don't exist in nature, and or life.

Ressources in planet are no at all finite, only fractal, and infinite, if you see nature with creative glasses, okey?

Fnite 1.0 scientist brain was clearly manifest thru scientific papers where the only actor was the brain, and the body was relegated to a permanent denial, as a clear show of the abstractionist process denounced by Erich Fromm and Conesa Sevilla. 1.0 scientist brains are magic "only-brain" creatures, flowing in a neurosemantic cloud at may be thousands kilometers from common sensing...

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