jueves, 31 de marzo de 2011

Perception and Movement

Confronting the Interaction Between Perception and Movement in Adapted Physical Education

I remember one tv science program, with edouard punset, redes, in which it was clear that movement and perception going together. For you perceive with your eyes something, it is important that you, or what process you are observing being in movement. Process maybe is the key word that going with movement. Just any process imply movement, a dynamic, that rest obsolete, nul inside a formal conventional hierarchical classroo, anyway... Lineal classrooms are spacialy able to understand the "photo-world" or planiland, where statism dominate both, the models, and the reality lived by all learning partners. Lineal models, maybe are not always so static, but always, we may say, are very much static than the real and complex processes that underlying the, necessarily simplistic, model...

In that way we could conclude that dominant classrooms in today world, by number of classrooms in all over thw world, develop actualy a special kind of special education. Patriarcal, lineal, hiearchical students modules, are arranged in a line, in practical ways, just because transversal communication and interaction are almost forbidden, both, by the "law of silence" and the orthogonal laws of parallel lines that compose a conventional classroom, preventing the easy ability of interacting and communicating that is innate to human animals and almost all organisms among maybe 30 millions species and billions and billions of individuals.

Patriarcal so common classrooms, in 21th century, are a special kind of special education, were, in the opposite direction to "special education", the individuals are not enhanced among their abilities. Not, to the contrary, their abilities are going reducing day to next day, month to month, and year to year.

Many of the fundamental inabilities to live in a living world, so much written by ecopsychology, for 21th urban humans, are almost systematicaly derived from the education system.

The question was: are there any educational system in the world we could easily follow for their advantages?

The answer is: Yes, Finnland. And Stop.

Maybe the finnish education system is more efficient than others?

Maybe efficient here means less money, more gaining, more abilities learned, and more easy to survive later?

Yes! I am curious about finnish classroom organization... Anyway there are many info about in internet, and in this blog too.

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