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sed-form solution of absolute orientation using unit quaternions

BKP Horn - JOSA A, 1987 - opticsinfobase.org
Finding the relationship between two coordinate systems using pairs of measurements of
the coordinates of a number of points in both systems is a classic photogrammetric task. It
finds applications in stereophotogrammetry and in robotics. I present here a closed-form ...

[CITAS] Arithmétique des algebres de quaternions

MF Vignéras - 1980 - Springer

[LIBRO] Quaternions and rotation sequences

JB Kuipers - 1999 - emis.ams.org
Abstract. In this paper we introduce and define the quaternion; we give a brief introduction to
its properties and algebra, and we show, what appears to be, its primary application—the
quaternion rotation operator. The quaternion rotation operator competes with the ...

On quaternions and octonions: their geometry, arithmetic, and symmetry, AK

JH Conway, DA Smith, AK Peters - 2003 - Citeseer
Abstract Conway and Smith's book is a wonderful introduction to the normed division
algebras: the real numbers (R), the complex numbers (C), the quaternions (H), and the
octonions (O). The first two are well-known to every mathematician. In contrast, the ...

[CITAS] Double Groups

SL Altmann, Q Rotations - 1986 - Oxford Uiversity Press, New York

[LIBRO] Elements of quaternions

WR Hamilton, WE Hamilton - 1866 - books.google.com
[1.] The volume now submitted to the public is founded on the same principles as the"
Lectures,"'" which were published on the same subject about ten years ago: but the plan
adopted is entirely new, and the present work can in no sense be considered as a second ...

[CITAS] Rotations, quaternions, and double groups

SL Altmann - 2005 - DoverPublications. com

[CITAS] Homographies, quaternions, and rotations

P Du Val - 1964 - getcited.org
... Homographies, quaternions, and rotations. Post a Comment. CONTRIBUTORS: Author: Du Val,
Patrick (b. 1903, d. ----. PUBLISHER: ... VOLUME/EDITION: PAGES (INTRO/BODY): xiv, 116 p.
SUBJECT(S): Collineation; Quaternions; Polytopes. DISCIPLINE: No discipline assigned. ...

[HTML] Quaternions and matrices of quaternions

F Zhang - Linear algebra and its applications, 1997 - Elsevier
We give a brief survey on quaternions and matrices of quaternions, present new proofs for
certain known results, and discuss the quaternionic analogues of complex matrices. The
methods of converting a quaternion matrix to a pair of complex matrices and homotopy ...

Estimating 3-D location parameters using dual number quaternions

MW Walker, L Shao, RA Volz - CVGIP: image understanding, 1991 - Elsevier
Abstract This paper describes a new algorithm for estimating the position and orientation of
objects. The problem is formulated as an optimization problem using dual number
quaternions. The advantage of using this representation is that the method solves for the ...

  1. Quaternion - Unity Script Reference:


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    They are compact, don't suffer from gimbal lock and can easily be interpolated. Unityinternally uses Quaternions to represent all rotations. Tthey are based on ...

  2. Quaternion.LookRotation - Unity Script Reference:


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    Returns the computed quaternion. If used to orient a Transform, the Z axis will ...

  3. How the Quaternion Works? - Unity Answers


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    23/06/2011 - Somebody can explain me what its a Quaternion, and how can i use it to rotate my 3d objects? I really frustated about it, and a i need it for a ...

  4. Quaternion.Euler - Unity Script Reference:


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    Returns a rotation that rotates z degrees around the z axis, x degrees around ...

  5. 113. ESTRUCTURA QUATERNION | Tutorial de scripts para Unity 3d


    Nuestros amigos los quaterniones son usados para representar rotaciones. Unityinternamente usa Quaterniones para representar todas las rotaciones.

  6. Quaternions & Rotations – C# | Unity Gems


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    14/10/2012 - Tutorial Scene 1. The tutorial uses a number of amazing free assets from the Asset Store. An Introduction to QuaternionsQuaternions are used ...

  7. ep8 What is a QuaternionUnity3D Game Design Tutorial - YouTube


    28/07/2011 - Subido por ETeeskiTutorials
    Quaternions are like vector3's, but instead of a position in 3D space, it saves a rotation in 3D space. Unity ...

  8. 0092 Unity (Quaternion) - YouTube


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    0092 Unity (Quaternion) - YouTube. Subscribe 11,313. All Comments (9). Sign in now to post a comment ...

  9. Quaternions en Unity3D 1/3 - YouTube


    03/09/2011 - Subido por GameEvangelist
    Este video explica qué son los Cuaterniones (Quaternions) enUnity3D. Explica la aplicación del concepto ...

  10. Quaternions and spatial rotation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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    The magnitude of the unit quaternion will be unity, corresponding to a hypersphere of unit radius. The vector part of a unit quaternion represents the radius of the ...

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