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Sensoma, Sensomics, Sensosphere

99.99% of practical memory we use for living is external to the subject human being considered in the classical model of neurosciences, where the fundamental focus was in only one kilogram (left brain)  of all the tonnes of biomass & information cloud of sensations that are actualy our input.

Sensoma, Sensomics and Sensosphere emerge as a functional practical way to regenerating both: the theory of Neurosciences, and the practical sensorial capabilities of (specialy European) Neuroscientists, after two and half millenia of sensorial segregation and the believe of two independent realms: thoughts and biology; when language, and linguistics, becomes biological sciences, thinking becomes also a biological process all in their own, and humans becomes true animals, without losing their thinking capacity, that is then conceived as a (perceptual) meta-tool, consisting in the holistic synestesic integration, processing, and digestion (rumiation), of all 99.99%  of information input, via perception and sensing (mainly authomatic, unconscious: see The Automatic Brain). This meaning of the (biological) process we call mind, or thinking, is developped historicaly by Budhism, also generating the "Sense Sphere" concept, but you know: eurocentrism in neurosciences and in general in european progress, neglected the possible inputs of other cultures and or sciences, and you see as European Crisis could be solved if we open universities to all that "new" scientific knowledges, that paradoxically, The New Age allowed  for "normal" people, in the meanwhile university doctors and professors were neglecting them!

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Respected scientist Ervin Laszlo referred to them as the "A-Field" in his book,Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything.

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  1. http://www.oldict.com/anality/
    1980, Arthur Asa Berger, Film in Society, p. 133:
    : If the relationship between Protestantism and repressed anality is so close, then anality loosed from repression can be powerful to the point of political ....
    (this book is in google books, but page 133 are not included)


    (When is created the dichotomy between the two diferent scatology meaning, at least in Spanish?: escatología)


    (see here Margaret Thatcher christian reaction to Mozart scatological humour!)


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