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(Globalisation, Cosmopolitanism and Ecological Citizenship)

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by Angel Valencia.

Globalization is patently changing our understanding of environmental
politics. It relates to environmental problems in two ways. First, environmental problems
and their effects are global, and hence solutions beyond the remit of nation states are
required. Second, globalization may benefit local – global relationship and contribute to the
realization of a sustainable society. These points obviously influence green political theory
since one of its tasks is to understand the transformation of political community in the
context of the global scope of environmental problems. One route is through laying the
foundations for an autochthonous idea of citizenship namely, ecological or environmental
citizenship. The goal of this article is to explore the connections between cosmopolitan
reflections on citizenship on the one hand, and green political theory’s attempts to develop
its own idea of citizenship, on the other. It is argued that although the idea of ecological
citizenship may be regarded as a kind of cosmopolitan or global citizenship, its features and
current degree of development move towards a new kind of citizenship.


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