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(by Agustin Antunez Corrales & ISMA: "Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion")

((This was a letter for my transoceanic aquaintance, from

the question is to try different lenses. Picasso said: I don't look for, I find. The creative world and people and ideas are here, in front of you. All of us are, in some way, have been domesticated within blindness. The christian body is a dead body, insensible body, invisible body, intouchable body, inexistent body (the verb and action of "to exist", acording to Agustín García Calvo, was created exclsively for God, creating the first dychotomy: You AND God (patriarcal, judeochristian)) As you recover from that sensorial, functional, basical blindness, across a formidable universe of "alternative" courses and experiences, which in last half century irrumped in the Old Europe, from all the coins of the world, their people and their cultures. In that way, the western body return to life, as a living and sensing body.
But all that stuff "alternative" one, that invades Europe and northern countries, increasing towards infinite the possibilities to learn out of secular eurocentric domestication, still is being forgotten by formal
academy, by mass media, and by the managers of our western societies. The rebirthing of science we are seeing thtorughout internet and other media, is the fruit of all that symbioses, to whom in part, universities have been refractary, reluctant, to change in that direction. Fortunately universities have being opening in many ways towards that new paradigm. Because there are many universities in the world; because many of that "new" knowledge have been shown practical and seious, and economical usable; because in the universities were so many people working that nowdays we can accept, definitely, that the critical mass for change in universities is here. There are so many new, holistic theories and discoveries that the way we have to walk, is already the way down, like a tobogam. Reiniciar chaman, at the head of our blog until recently, means that the difference between science and shamanism is the jump that all that sharing alternative working from scientists to people and social movements, have already reached. Anyway what's the difference between a shaman and a scientist? Scientist sensosfera are dominated by bureaucracy, papers, bipolar planiland classroom, motorways, and screen. Shaman working minly in open sensosfera, in that way later, when shaman is inside a building, for example, her overall holistic knowledge from open sensosfera facilitates her
orientation inside building, physicaly, and inside linear thinking, that after working a lot in open sensosfera, becomes a mere singularity, a single case, an extreme case, from complex, networked, web of
life-and-sensosfera... Changing your lenses is not change from logical mathematical reasonig to a different logical mathematical reasoning. Changing your, our, lenses means to reflection how our body actualy is wole implyed in all our thinking actions; actualy is our body who perceive. No frontier between brain and sensorial equipments, just because neurons don't finish within the head. On the contrary neurons are very very long cells who cover longituidinaly all our body, opening (just as any open complex system) across our almost infinte numbers of perceptual sensors. The quality of seeing process comes with movement. If your eyes don't move, or if the things you are looking at, don't move, either, then your seeing efficiency IS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHING, you lnow
Did you dream with mokoputomoko being a "prion"?
Here you have it.
We are going to share a recreative course about "ARTEXTS" in those nice education networks...:

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