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(Brazilian tribe vows "mass resistance")

Letter from Guarani-Kaiowa indigenous community over eviction order spreads online.
  1. findingtheramp
    A community of 170 Guarani Kaiowá in Brasil have promised mass suicide rather than cede their lands to agribusiness. #GenocídioGuaraniKaiowa

  2. alxgucci
    Suicide letter signed by Indigenous People of Guaraní-Kaiowá, Navirai-MS, #Brazil (IN ENGLISH) #GenocidioGuaraniKaiowa
  3. GeorgieBC
    170 Guarani-Kaiowa in #Brazil state of Mato Grosso do Sul have threatened to commit mass suicide if they are evicted #GenocídioGuaraniKaiowá
  4. Bloggers were quick to spot problems with the reporting.
  5. JanetGunter
    CIMI in Brazil rightly called attention to erroneous headlines speaking Guarani Kaiowá "mass suicide". Yesterday I said "resist to death"
  6. BPMarkus
    Update, please RT! Brazilian tribe denies mass suicide reports, plans to resist to the death Solidarity
  7. JorgeBarrera
    Spokesperson for Brazil group rep'ing Guarani-kaiowa says no mass suicide, but mass resistance, will die before pushed off lands
  8. A spokesman for an organisation representing the tribe clarified reports in an interview with a Canadian aboriginal news network:
  9. “It is not suicide…this is a mistake. They say they are going to die together resisting on their land if they removed by federal agents, the military or gunmen,” said Sposati
  10. “They are going to stand up and if they start shooting they won’t run.”
  11. The original letter from the Guarani-Kaiowa community (seen below in Portuguese) was published by Brazil's Indigenous Missionary Council:
  12. Global Voices has more on the plight of the Guarani-Kaiowa:

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