lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Spontaneous Evolution

Bruce Lipton: evolución espontánea

Al cuestionar las viejas creencias que nos llevó a donde estamos hoy y nos mantienen atrapados en el status quo, que puede desencadenar la evolución espontánea de nuestra especie que marcará el comienzo de un futuro mejor.

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    Yes, this is a interesting point. In my case, I experiment "conscious walking" almost each morning along periurban quiet places, at the shamanic style, discovering any change or surprise within the environment, plants, animals, buildings, coast, and in this way my thoughts are going silent, and inspiration comes in, as "pure" thoughts at Krisnamurti style... that we add in our blogs.-
    complaciencia en respuesta a KenLong3333 Hace 1 segundo.

  2. Comenting here to zugarpies Hace 6 meses

    Yes i agree; in certain way, all you live are coincidences, or synchronicities, that is the confluence of diferent elements that shape your common living within society and environment; but the important thing is your experimented open mind that is able to discover this "small things" that feed, in a active process of attention, your senses, allowing in that way to stop the thinking processs, what Casatneda call "to stop the World", o en castellano, "parar el mundo". gracias


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