jueves, 16 de agosto de 2012

Ecological Economics of One hundred Thousand millions Neurons

Ecologicalll Economicsss offf Onnne Hundreed Thousannnd Millionnns Nieuronnns

Neurons shape a population-Multitude Network across our bodies (somas), connecting in one hundred thousand Millions ways our actual field of possibilities.

Any action or and sensation build a certain neural network in action and connection.

For example, when spelling the title of this post, we have repeated those sounds that characteristicaly imply a certain long vibration in our vocal cords or and mouth. This may make us more aware of our own biology anatomy physiology of languaging. Any sound we produce configures a certain field of muscles and parts of our bodies in action, and connection. And this is something you can easily exercitate. That is, we invite to you to carry to your own body the languaging process that is primarily developped within our mouth, and throat.

Actualy all our bodies vibrate and connect within language, just because dancing or playing piano are also diferent modalities of languaging, expressed with diferent parts, muscles, tissues, of our bodies.

In Eliane Elias Trio "Samba triste" via Youtube, images teach Us how all the body of Artists are playing their role. In this way, what we hope from 21th century is the inclussion of all the body, and also the ecosystem, within the study of language and Linguistics.

In Shakira Belly Dance via Youtube, all her body participates of the process of languaging (active process of using Language: Spanish "lenguajear", from Humberto Maturana). All the body, thus, is the subject of Language and linguistics.

In Camarón Song, via Youtube, we could say exactly the same... Is all the body what is actualy in action, in the process of languaging. Who would doubt isn't?
Now that we see our bodies as active producers of language, echolocation appears for magicaly expanding language, from bodies toward ecosystem.

One evening in Alameda de Colon, I observed a group of flying swifts, that were coming from Alameda principal. When reaching the pasaje of the kiosko, they turned on their right, and their calling-concert too, making for me absolutely clear the relevance of echolocation, for drawing this wonderful fly-concert of maybe ten swifts, that this magical evening, illuminate in so powerful way, our own comprehension of the dynamic  of waves, actualy an ocean of waves, that shape the reality in ourselves lives, making the promise for thus, a so radical re innovation of all that wikipedia, and in general, text books say about sounds, synestesia, etc... and anouncing a new age for a revolution in our sense and meaning of

comprehensive sensuality or sensualness...:)))

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