martes, 17 de julio de 2012

Expanding Sensomics. A Radical Technology

"La ciencia no tiene pais,
pertenece  a la humanidad,
y es la antorcha que guia al mundo"

by agustin antunez corrales and I.S.M.A, Iniciativas de Sostenibilidad Medioambiente y Autogestion

Sensomica o la Logica de la Sensualidad

I prefer to write this report in english, mainly because the title is more symplectic in english than spanish

Expanding Sensomics has two direct and complementary meanings:

1. Expanding Sensomics is a Sensomics that now is flying over her "cuckoo nest" within which she were borning some years ago. And is becoming just, in several words, as the Integration and Implementation Science, and Technology, par excelence.

2. Expanding Sensomics means also that, as being a radical, innate and biological tool, within each of us, as living and perceiving beings, is promptly to fertilize, in very eficient ways, the old deserts, or "black holes", or empty spaces, leaved among specialists knowledges. This empty space belongs to the collective unconscious, or hidden curriculum, of specialists, as untouched areas of knowledge through where the common sense were losing at a higher cost for society.

Common Sense is not only the best way of communication in transdisciplinarity. In the Global Knowledge Society, the Fifth Generation of Information Society shows us the definitive commitment about the equality among diferent knowledge systems. Global Knowledge Society is a system shaped by many subsystems. And the rich arquitecture of Global Language Diversity inlcudes, as equaly decisive and relevant, all the human languages in the world, in a Wisdom Democracy, or "Democracia de Saberes" acording to Santos, that begins with our own languages.

In the Global Knowledge Society all the participants are radical autopoietic beings, characterized by their double essence of the beings inhabiting a Global Interactive World. Interaction means also interaction, interrelationship between observation and active action. Observation is the input. Action is the output.

Any autopoietic system is both producer and receptor of information, or energy and materials, at the end, of sensations. Active action, or and movement, is the output, what makes our experience.

"Una epistemologia del Sur" by Santos, allows us to translate as Science and Technology all the knowledge systems in the world, and not only certain knowledge, from certain culture and region of the world.

Sciences and humanities were divorced "by law of science". And now, they are going to join again. And the same for Science and Technology, that now also finish their isolated history. Sensomics is thus both Science and Technology. Generally it was assumed that Science is the theoretical knowledge, and Technology is the correspondent practical application. But when the process is seen in deep focus, we discover that Science and Technology are living processes that act in coevolution and for that reason cannot be separated. And Sensomics is a good field for that comprehension. Our senses are a Science, a knowledge system, and at the same time a Technology, a practise, learned as coevolutionary, complementary and autopoietic processes.

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