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Zeronomics in past, present and future cities

The Future of Cities 2011

Centres of innovation for urban solutions

28 February - 1 March 2011 | Chatham House, London
The Future of Cities 2011

Cities face many challenges - economic, climate, resources, infrastructure and demographic.

As centres of innovation, can cities produce the solutions they need to tackle them?

As the bulk of the world's population will be in fast-growing large urban areas by 2050, do the powers that cities have need to be re-thought?

Questions of leadership, citizen participation, and where powers should lie will be discussed by leaders from major cities, governments, and businesses, focusing on crucial themes:

  • How can cities' innovative energy be harnessed to drive better urban policies?
  • Do national government policies - on the economy, energy, transport and migration - align well with cities' needs? If not, should decision- making be redistributed?
  • Which issues are best dealt with at city level?
  • What fiscal and financial powers should cities have?


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