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Echo: Etymology

echo Look up echo at Dictionary.com
mid-14c., from L. echo, from Gk. echo, personified as a mountain nymph, from or related to ekhe "sound," ekhein "to resound," from PIE base *swagh- "to resound" (cf. Skt. vagnuh "sound," L. vagire "to cry"). The verb is from 1550s. Related: Echoed; echoes; echoing.

echolocation Look up echolocation at Dictionary.com
1944, from echo + location.
It is very recent this word! That means what scientific ignorance has been!

Etymologies say us all that bureaucratized knowledge, has tried to hide us by constructing a Kafkian Building Macrostructure of Static Knowledge that obviously tended to ignore all relation with movement, with sensing and thus with echolocation. We were surfing in a plane, planiland, static, which would obey to Euclidian geometry. They are no objects echolocating with us, there are an ignote (in our awarenness) ecosystem, as a complex sustem where we are only another pieces, dynamic pieces, anyway which now discover how of platonic cave had in the anacronic, conventional, sensorialy deprivated, 1.0, classrooms!

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