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The End of Biosemiotics?

Biosemiotics is a recent Integration and implementation Science whose aim is the unification of Biological Sciences, under a more holistic view, than the reductionistic models still dominating in many biological subdisciplines.

We present a integrative model for Biosemiotics, and for Biological Sciences, that feeds widely from Ecology, a subdiscipline of Biology whose revolutionary root is her radical holism, preventing any separation within a continuous system we call "ecosystem", "Gaya" or Multiverse". As Morin says, "To distinguish, not to separate". When your field of thinking is a continuous system, you may distinguish whatever you choose to distinguish, with a "a priori" guarantee of maintaining the robustness of the ecological paradigm, that is, the continuity of life, and living systems, and whatever sustem you would consider.

The actual biosemiotic perspectives become so holistic as all the ecological epistemology have been permeating more and more biological subdisciplines.

If we now look at world we see the European Union congratulations for the "new democracies" in Arab World. But this political reflection, return, autopieticaly, towards the emisor of the message, the UE, as it is precisely the lack of actual democracy system of the UE, what have provoked very much societal disorders in Arab World, just because UE was dependent from the oil, gaz, and other ressources from Arab World.

If we want evaluate the degre of actual democracy in UE countries it is enough you see the "ecological footprint". That is the degree of "overdevelopment", that would be considered also a kind of "subdevelopment", just they are territories whose eficiency is so low, that depend, for their survival, as crazy societies, from the necesary destruction of more and more living systems, and societies from other countries or territories which must be necesarily destroyed in order, and here is the big paradox, in order to build a way of living in northern "rich" countries, that today is also rejected by northern societies, but that continued being imposed to norhern soicieties by means of representationist ways of very low participating political systems.

Maybe the beast! example of the necesary abduction (1.0) to reach these paradoxical results, is in the (private, slave) Car Religion or Manía. Capitalism is a superstition from his theoretical, abstract basis. You have three years of deep global crisis, and you have everyday the conventional media (and critical too) only talking about "the economical crisis".

Economic Religion is the same as Car Religion. Both are nurtured by the same Tunnelizing Information System. The tunnel become the result of a systematic denial of information freedom during centuries. As Aristotle says: For States to Live, they need the previous destruction of Communities". Today societies, in any country, is a certain mix of two basic complementary systems: Matriarchy and Patriarchy. Today with more and more people living out of the capitalistic control and regulation, that means more and more people living in Matriarchy. Anyway, any person, each day, if you observe yourself with attention, you will see so many activities along the day that are not monetary mediated, that belong what we call Matriarchy.

In recent times the global society conversation has included, very explicitely, to the Patriarcal way of economical interchange, that is, to "Capitalism". After years when it was very, very, strange to find this term "Capitalism" in newspapers or in general mass media. Now the next necesary step is to talk more and more on Patriarchy, that is, the "epistemological father" of capitalism; and complementarily, about Matriarchy.

In general there are people that see Arab Societies as more patriarcal than european ones. But there are very much "free sectors" in societal interchanges in Arab Societies, and Cities, than in today Europe. But half century ago Europe was more matriarcal just their comercial interchanges were more free among their populations and within their cities, we could say, more deregulated.

Northern more Car populated cities, only need the 20% of cars today circulating in their cities. There are many solutions applied in southern cities for a better a fluid transportation system. The abduction of modernity were preventing for northern managers to see the South as a place for to find possible solutions for our northern problems. In that way, the limit north/south, for example in Rio Grande, or Gibraltar Straight, were looked as the ordinate, excluyent, axis, beyond it, it was forbidden to see. In that way the south was absent in northern imaginay, exceptuating the vacancies for relaxing from our northern stressed life, visiting southern countries as a temporal therapy but never as a door for to look for possible solutions for our everyday problems.

Today Arab Revolutions Are Talking Aloud To Northern Citizens. Northern Citizens Have Become Implicit Terrorists By The Black Magics Of Abduction 1.0 Engrabed Across Our Bodies (Foucaultian Biopower), along diferent Abductive (1.0) Slavery Systems. As the irrational private car, the irrational lectures classroom, and the irrational representationist political seudodemocratic sistem.

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