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"Feeding Hawaiʻiʻs Past, Feeding Hawaiʻiʻs Present: Request for Reading Suggestions - New Course Design

Aloha welina mai kakou,
A warm greeting to everybody,

I am in the process of proposing a new course focused on Indigenous Crops and
Cropping Systems.  The course, entitled "Feeding Hawaiʻiʻs Past, Feeding Hawaiʻiʻs
Present," focuses on Hawaii but aims at a larger understanding of traditional
cropping systems, modern agricultural issues, and how we can learn from the past to
inform our present food system.  I am writing to request reading, video, or other
resources for the course.  I am including my learning objectives below, and any
resources relating to these topics I would appreciated. Also, if you would like to
discuss, or have any thoughts on the this topic/course I would be very happy to
engage in conversation around what might be included in this course.  Please just
reply to me and I will send a compiled list to the listserv as a whole.  Thank you!

Learning Objectives:
Be able to describe different forms of cropping systems used, and how cropping
systems relate to environmental and social limitations.

Understand system analysis to evaluating environmental and social sustainability of
agricultural systems

Be confortable in designing observations to test functionality of agricultural systems

Be able to describe the major issues of contemporary agricultural production

Be able to articulate cultural/social services associated with agriculture, and how
values and norms co-evolve with agricultural production systems

Noa Kekuewa Lincoln, PhD
Research Fellow, University of Canterbury

~We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children~ 
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