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Academic Feedback

ردود الفعل الأكاديمية 学术反馈

The Google file system

S Ghemawat, H Gobioff, ST Leung - ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems …, 2003 -
ABSTRACT We have designed and implemented the Google File System, a scalable
distributed file system for large distributed data-intensive applications. It provides fault
tolerance while running on inexpensive commodity hardware, and it delivers high ...

Video Google: A text retrieval approach to object matching in videos

J SivicA Zisserman - Computer Vision, 2003. Proceedings. …, 2003 -
Abstract We describe an approach to object and scene retrieval which searches for and
localizes all the occurrences of a user outlined object in a video. The object is represented
by a set of viewpoint invariant region descriptors so that recognition can proceed ...

Web search for a planet: The Google cluster architecture

LA BarrosoJ DeanU Holzle - Micro, Ieee, 2003 -
Abstract Amenable to extensive parallelization, Google's web search application lets
different queries run on different processors and, by partitioning the overall index, also lets a
single query use multiple processors. to handle this workload, Googless architecture ...

The google similarity distance

RL Cilibrasi, PMB Vitanyi - Knowledge and Data Engineering, …, 2007 -
Abstract Words and phrases acquire meaning from the way they are used in society, from
their relative semantics to other words and phrases. For computers, the equivalent of"
society" is" database," and the equivalent of" use" is" a way to search the database". We ...

Is Google making us stupid?

N Carr - Yearbook of the National Society for the Study of …, 2008 - Wiley Online Library
“Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave?” So the supercomputer HAL
pleads with the implacable astronaut Dave Bowman in a famous and weirdly poignant
scene toward the end of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Bowman, having ...

Google news personalization: scalable online collaborative filtering

AS Das, M Datar, A Garg, S Rajaram - Proceedings of the 16th …, 2007 -
Abstract Several approaches to collaborative filtering have been studied but seldom have
studies been reported for large (several millionusers and items) and dynamic (the
underlying item set is continually changing) settings. In this paper we describe our ...

Googling for a diagnosis—use of Google as a diagnostic aid: internet based study

H Tang, JHK Ng - Bmj, 2006 -
Objective To determine how often searching with Google (the most popular search engine
on the world wide web) leads doctors to the correct diagnosis. Design Internet based study
using Google to search for diagnoses; researchers were blind to the correct diagnoses. ...

Google Scholar: the pros and the cons

P Jacsó - Online information review, 2005 -
Purpose – To identify the pros and the cons of Google Scholar. Design/methodology/approach –
Chronicles the recent history of the Google Scholar search engine from its inception in November
2004 and critiques it with regard to its merits and demerits. ... Welcome: Google ...

[CITAS] The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business andTransformed Our Culture

J Battelle - 2005 - Penguin

Comparison of PubMed, Scopus, web of science, and Google scholar: strengths and weaknesses

ME Falagas, EI Pitsouni, GA Malietzis, G Pappas - The FASEB Journal, 2008 - FASEB
Abstract The evolution of the electronic age has led to the development of numerous
medical databases on the World Wide Web, offering search facilities on a particular subject
and the ability to perform citation analysis. We compared the content coverage and ...

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