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  1. Transdisciplinarity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Transdisciplinarity connotes a research strategy that crosses many disciplinary boundaries to create a holistic approach. It applies to research efforts focused on ...
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    The Potential of Transdisciplinarity by Helga Nowotny

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    de H Nowotny - Citado por 99 - Artículos relacionados
    The Potential of Transdisciplinarity by Helga Nowotny. Introduction. Transdisciplinarity is a theme which resurfaces time and again. It responds to an underlying ...
  3. Interdisciplines : Transdisciplinarity in the Practice of Research

    www.interdisciplines.org/paper.php?paperID... - Traducir esta página
    16/04/2012 – The experience of practices of research, especially in the socio-ecological context, has led us to the conception of transdisciplinaritythat we ...
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    Foundations of transdisciplinarity

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    de MA Max-NeefT - 2005 - Citado por 304 -Artículos relacionados
    COMMENTARY. Foundations of transdisciplinarity. Manfred A. Max-NeefT. Universidad Austral de Chile, Casilla 567 Valdivia, Chile. Received 16 August 2004; ...
  5. INIT-Home

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    Joined Hands, i n i t. International Network for. Interdisciplinarity & Transdisciplinarity. line decor. This site is best viewed using IE 9, Safari, Firefox, or Opera ...
  6. Transdisciplinarity | Radical Philosophy

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    But was this transdisciplinarity? If we admit thattransdisciplinarity presupposes the mastery of different concepts borrowed from other disciplines, concepts that ...
  7. Transdisciplinarity Challenges: Joint Problem Solving Among ...

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    Transdisciplinarity is a new approach to research and problem solving. The core idea is that researchers, practitioners and stakeholders must cooperate in order ...
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    Transdisciplinarity: stimulating synergies ... - unesdoc - Unesco

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  9. Transdisciplinarity Net - transdisciplinarity.ch

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    related to Transdisciplinarity published in 2011. We have requested experts of (inter- and) transdisciplinary research to indicate to us important new literature in ...
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    T h e A c a d e m y o f T r a n s d i s c i p l i n a r y. L e a r n i n g & A d v a n c e d S t u d i e s. Basarab Nicolescu (Ed.) TRANSDISCIPLINARITY. AND ...

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