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[LIBRO] Manifesto of transdisciplinarity

B Nicolescu - 2002 - books.google.com
No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written 
permission. No part of this book may be stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any 
form or by any means including eletronic, electrostatic, magnetic tape, mechanical, ...

Foundations of transdisciplinarity

MA Max-Neef - Ecological economics, 2005 - Elsevier
If we go through a list of some of the main problematiques1 that are defining the new 
Century, such as water, forced migrations, poverty, environmental crises, violence, terrorism, 
neo-imperialism, destruction of social fabric, we must conclude that none of them can be ...

Prospects for transdisciplinarity

J Thompson Klein - Futures, 2004 - Elsevier
The word “prospects” connotes the probability of success. The authors in this special issue 
of FUTURES have provided a broad view of the existing knowledge base, organizational 
structures, and strategies for implementing transdisciplinarity. At the same time, they were ...

[CITAS] Towards interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in education and innovation

E Jantsch - Interdisciplinarity. Problems of Teaching and Research …, 1972

[LIBRO] Transdisciplinarity: joint problem solving among science, technology, and society: an effective way for managing complexity

JT Klein - 2001 - books.google.com
Transdisciplinarity is a new approach to research and problem solving. The core idea is that 
researchers, practitioners and stakeholders must cooperate in order to address the complex 
challenges of society. The International Transdisciplinarity Conference, held in ...

Multidisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity in health research, services, education and policy: 1. Definitions, objectives, and evidence of effectiveness.

BC Choi, AW Pak - Clinical and investigative medicine. Medecine …, 2006 - europepmc.org
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE: Teamwork involving multiple disciplines is increasingly 
emphasized in health research, services, education and policy. The terms multidisciplinary, 
interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary are increasingly used in the literature, but are ...

Transdisciplinarity and its challenges: the case of urban studies

T Ramadier - Futures, 2004 - Elsevier
This article clarifies the distinction between unidisciplinary, multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary 
and transdisciplinary research about environment and human behaviour. One objective is to 
consider the challenges and opportunities transdisciplinarity offers in terms of the ...

[CITAS] Transdisciplinarity: Theory and practice

B Nicolescu - 2008 - Hampton Pr

The potential of transdisciplinarity

M Gibbons, H Nowotny - Transdisciplinarity: Joint problem solving among …, 2000 - Springer
Abstract A transformation is occurring in the relationship of science and society. A new mode 
of knowledge production is at the heart of this transformation. Much of the thrust of 
innovation is coming from new links between traditionally segmented producers and users ...

[CITAS] Transdisciplinarity: Recreating integrated knowledge

MA Somerville, DJ Rapport - 2002 - MQUP

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