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"PostHumanist science"

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    Enacting Race: On the Aesthetics of Wholeness in Genetics. Dr. Amade M'charek. University of Amsterdam. In this paper, the intertwinement of art and science is ...
  2. Posthumanist Science/Fiction (CI & CII) - Institute for Gender Studies ... 

    www.ru.nl/genderstudies/@764844/pagina/ -Traducir esta página
    Posthumanist Science/Fiction (CI & CII). Coordinators: Dr. Manuela Rossini (University of Amsterdam, NL,/ Universität Basel, Switzerland) and Dr. Veronica ...
  3. The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis - Página 301 - Resultado de la Búsqueda de libros de Google 

    John Frow, Tony Bennett - 2008 - Social Science
    The previous discussion focused on affinities between posthumanist science studies and specific sciences that shared its ontology, but now we can see how to ...
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    SAGE - figuringoutmethods 

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    problem inviting analysis in posthumanist science studies. Rather than reliable enduring ... inposthumanist science studies: as visible; as visibly multiple and ...
  5. [PDF] 

    Dr., lic.phil. and MA Date of birth: 23 November 1964 Address 

    www.iash.unibe.ch/unibe/.../rossini_cv_ger.pdf -Traducir esta página
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    5 Jul 2012 – Organiser of two sessions: "Posthumanist Science/Fiction". SLSA Annual Meeting, Chicago (IL, USA), 10-13 November 2005: Organiser of ...
  6. Probing the Posthuman 

    reconstruction.eserver.org/043/campbell.htm -Traducir esta página
    de M Campbell - Citado por 6  - Artículos relacionados 
    In conjunction with the desire to ward off reflexivity, this reiteration of subject and object suggests that the Center's posthumanist science perpetuates humanist ...
  7. Posthumanist | Search | e-DNS Premium 

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    Keywords: bioethics, culture, transhumanism, transhuman, posthuman, posthumanism,posthumanist, science, technology, biology, anti, aging, reproductive ...
  8. Popbioethics.com - Pop bioethics : DomainSigma (in Español) 

    30 Oct 2012 – Palabras clave: transhumanism, transhumanist, transhuman, pop, posthuman, posthumanism, posthumanist, science, technology, biology, ...
  9. [PDF] 

    Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about ... - SUNY Press 

    www.sunypress.edu/pdf/62127.pdf - Traducir esta página
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    session, was written from the particular perspective of posthumanist science and technology studies. The challenge to the dualism of people and things and the ...
  10. Seriation: A New way of envisioning science, history, and literature? 

    earth-wizard.livejournal.com/31911.html - Traducir esta página
    23 Jul 2010 – In her study on posthumanist science and culture she sees a historical seriation between three constellations of thought that overlap and ...

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