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  1. Octonion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    In mathematics, the octonions are a normed division algebra over the real numbers, usually represented by the capital letter O, using boldface O or blackboard ...

  2. Octonión - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreón

    Los octoniones son la extensión no asociativa de los cuaterniones. Fueron descubiertos por John T. Graves en 1843, e independientemente por Arthur Cayley, ...

  3. Octonions - University of California, Riverside

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    octonions... The octonions are the largest of the four normed division algebras. While somewhat neglected due to their nonassociativity, they stand at the ...

  4. Christopher D. Long (octonion) on Twitter

    The latest from Christopher D. Long (@octonion). JMI Services data scientist; consulting at San Diego Padres, Houston Rockets. I'm the Michigan J. Frog of ...

  5. Octonions

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    Octonions. The following brief introduction to theoctonions is adapted from any of several papers which can be found here, and which include further references ...

  6. Maths - Octonion - Martin Baker - EuclideanSpace

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    Octonions have been used in fields such as abstract algebra and topology but have not really made a big impact. In 1925 Wigner and John von Neumann tried ...

  7. Octonion Algebra. The algebra and its connection to physics.

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    Octonion Algebra provides a suitable cover of the Electrodynamic fields. Use of 8 dimensionalOctonions opens up a separate irrotational field type that could ...

  8. 3x3 Octonion Matrix Models -

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    In the heptagon of imaginary octonions{e1,e2,e3,e4,e5,e6,e7}, there are 7 triangles (6 colors and 1 black). The product of any two imaginary octonions is the ...

  9. Octonion Introduction - 7Stones

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    C+ octonion multiplication: Index cycling and. index doubling are automorphisms. e. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. What does it mean for (x, y, z) to be a. quaternionic triple (in ...
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    An octonion model for physics - ResearchGate

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    We explore some consequences of octonionarithmetic for a hidden variables ... Octonionmodels are currently the focus of much work in the physics com-.

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