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Evolving explanations of development:

 Ecological approaches to organism–environment systems.

Chapter authors present their respective empirical programs of research and comment more broadly on the advantages and disadvantages of their approaches.

An ecological psychologist's prolegomena for perceptual development: A functional approach.
By Gibson, Eleanor J.

prolegomena refers to a prefatory essay for a field of study / intend it to include a framework for my field expressed in a set of propositions, some of them assumptions, some definitions, and some testable hypotheses / explain these and when necessary provide evidence to suppport their reasonableness / my field is the way perception develops in humans, but I think the propositions I suggest have a wider application to cognition in general / provide an alternative to the received view of perceptual development provided by information processors that rests on construction of a static representation of an object or a scene / the process begins with discrimination of individual features, which are at a later stage assembled by some mysterious attentive process general propositions / propositions involving change in the course of perceptual development / propostions about higher order cognition (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)

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