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Blind Brain Theory and Enactivism

Post       : Blind Brain Theory and Enactivism: In Dialogue With R. Scott Bakker
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Posted     : June 11, 2014 at 1:35 pm
Author     : Adam Robbert
Tags       : Adam Robbert, Alvo Noë, Blind Brain Theory, Cognitive science,
Cosmopolitics, Ecology, Eliminativism, enactivism, Evan Thompson, Jacob von Uexkull,
Kant, Naturalism, Phenomenology, Philosophy of Mind, R. Scott Bakker, Transcendental
Categories : Ecology

[Image: Hannah Imlach] Last week I posted a short essay on the question of meaning,
style, and aesthetics in the ecological theories of Alva Noë and Jacob von Uexküll.
The post resulted in a long and in-depth discussion with science fiction novelist
and central architect of the Blind Brain Theory (BBT) of cognition, R. Scott Bakker.
Our conversation […]

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